Vision Solutions introduces Double-Take 7.0

Latest version of information availability solution provides affordable, agentless, high availability, disaster recovery and anything-to-anything migration.

Irvine, Calif., 06 Jun 2013
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Vision Solutions, a leading provider of information availability software and services, today announced the release of Double-Take 7.0, its flagship, affordable solution for SME, mid-tier and enterprise-level high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR) and migration for Windows, Linux and cloud computing environments.

Responding to customer feedback, Double-Take 7.0 provides both agentless and agent-based virtual server protection, allowing organisations to protect data, applications and servers in order to maintain business continuity in the manner that best meets the needs of their IT environment.

Double-Take 7.0 also provides anything-to-anything migration with near-zero downtime, which makes it easy for IT organisations with heterogeneous environments to move data, applications and workloads between physical, virtual and public or private cloud data centres without affecting users.

"More than half of data centre workloads today are virtualised, according to IDC's Worldwide Storage Software 2012-2016 Forecast," said Ashish Nadkarni, Research Director for Storage Systems at IDC. "Many enterprises are looking more seriously at the cloud as well. They need a way to migrate data, applications, even entire environments seamlessly between all three, as their needs change. Double-Take 7.0 is the first HA/ DR product to enable this level of anything-to-anything migration, which allows enterprises to place workloads where they make the most sense, while protecting them against the types of business interruptions and data loss that can be catastrophic in our always-on, 24x7 world. It solves a growing challenge in businesses of all sizes."

Eliminating agents removes the need to manage and upgrade each individual agent, reducing labour while ensuring the overall HA/DR technology is always up to date. As a result, Double-Take 7.0 easily scales to protect hundreds of physical servers or virtual machines.

Other key features include:

  • Customisable unified status reporting for all assets protected by Double-Take 7.0
  • Near-zero downtime migrations
  • Simple, intuitive graphic user interface (GUI)
  • World-class customer service

"Great care has been taken with this release to deliver a more powerful level of HA, DR and migration than has previously been available from anyone," Alan Arnold, Chief Technology Officer for Vision Solutions, said. "Yet it has also been priced competitively. Double-Take 7.0 provides great short- and long-term value within the ever-changing IT landscape. We believe it will set a new expectation for performance."

Double-Take 7.0 provides HA, DR and migration capabilities for VMware, Microsoft Windows Server and Linux as well as the KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V and Xen hypervisor technologies. More information can be found at

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