Veritas delivers cloud-agnostic, hybrid IT for VMware with Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform

Innovations in availability, protection and operational insights from Veritas enable enterprises to make hybrid and multi-cloud environments work at scale.

Johannesburg, 22 Aug 2019
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Veritas Technologies, a worldwide leader in enterprise data protection and software-defined storage, today announced the availability of its Enterprise Data Services Platform for VMware environments running on-premises or in any of the major clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Veritas’ integrated solutions enable VMware users to manage the availability of business-critical services at the application layer, leverage flexible data protection with granular or at-scale recovery irrespective of where or in what cloud VMware runs, and gain the insights to optimise the management of their entire hybrid/multi-cloud environment from a single view.

Veritas recently launched its Enterprise Data Services Platform, which is a unified set of technologies designed to abstract the complexity of data and infrastructure management from enterprise IT. The platform gives customers unparalleled application and data availability, protection and insights, allowing them to manage data growth, recover from ransomware attacks, drive operational efficiency and prove compliance for on-premises, virtual and cloud environments.

“Veritas is a critical component for enterprise organisations looking to fully leverage a hybrid-cloud deployment powered by VMware, while maintaining the highest resiliency levels and infrastructure flexibility possible,” said Greg Hughes, chief executive officer, Veritas.

“NetBackup 8.2’s fully agentless architecture for VMware and API-first approach enables completely automated protection, migration, orchestration and recovery of data across any environment.”

The platform is built around the core of NetBackup and includes proven technologies such as Veritas InfoScale and APTARE IT Analytics, allowing customers to have access to the data they need when they need it, along with best-in-class analytics capabilities and a bulletproof protection and recovery solution.

When customers deploy these solutions in VMware environments, they are able to:

1. Seamlessly extend availability management to the application layer across the hybrid cloud: Modern business demands the highest level of application availability, flexibility and performance. This is not an easy task in heterogeneous, hybrid-cloud environments. Success requires knowing how to fully leverage the organisation’s hybrid-cloud infrastructure to deliver on these promises and more in a simple, scalable and highly resilient way.

Veritas InfoScale augments VMware infrastructure by extending availability management at the application layer. This not only elevates the levels of availability, but also enables migration and portability of the application to function across multiple environments, cloud or otherwise.

2. Simultaneously gain analytics and operational insights into virtual machines and cloud instances from a single view: Veritas enables data insights across disjointed on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments through APTARE. To deliver on the promise of more agile operations, enterprises must be able to efficiently control all aspects of their environments. Having a single interface of visibility that spans all data centres on-premises and in the cloud allows businesses to visualise and compute storage and even backups.

The native integration with VMware vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator eases how customers deploy data protection and insights across hybrid environments, and maximises value. It simplifies the management of the deep insights needed to ensure performance and cost optimisation for on-premises, AWS cloud or native AWS environments from a single pane of glass.

3. Optimise both granular and at-scale recovery wherever data lives across the entire hybrid cloud: Regardless of whether data is on-premises or in the cloud, ensuring its protection and recovery is critical. Making this work in a hybrid IT environment at scale, in a simple manner that also meets stringent service levels, is imperative for the modern enterprise. With support of more than 500 workloads and access to more than 150 storage targets, 60 of which are clouds, NetBackup is the perfect foundation upon which to realise this vision.

As part of the latest release, customers can now easily recover granularly without mounting the virtual machine disk image (VMDK), reducing recovery times, or they can completely automate and orchestrate recovery at scale, enabling greater levels of business resiliency and worry-free migrations to the cloud.

“Veritas’ Enterprise Data Services Platform provides the necessary protection, improved availability and deep insights to help us maximise the value of our data and stay compliant,” said Umang Bhavsar, senior vice president, Oaktree Capital Management. “Layering these capabilities across our cloud environments gives us additional confidence that our data and applications are always available and protected.”

Veritas will demonstrate these new capabilities at VMworld 2019 US in booth 1327. Additionally, please join us for the following breakout sessions:

  • How to Obtain and Use Analytics to Optimise Hybrid-cloud Deployments: Monday, August 26 from 1-2 pm.
  • How to Extend Availability to the Application Layer Across the Hybrid Cloud: Tuesday, August 27 from 4-5 pm.

For more information on the Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform, please visit and Veritas Perspectives Blog.


Veritas Technologies is a global leader in data protection and availability. Over fifty thousand enterprises - including 99% of the Fortune 100 - rely on us to abstract IT complexity and simplify data management. Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform automates the protection and orchestrates the recovery of data everywhere it lives, ensures 24/7 availability of business-critical applications, and provides enterprises with the insights they need to comply with evolving data regulations. With a reputation for reliability at scale and deployment models to fit any need, Veritas supports more than 500 data sources and over 150 storage targets, including 60 clouds. Learn more at Follow us on Twitter at @veritastechllc.

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