The new normal? Working from home

Johannesburg, 08 Feb 2021
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The work-from-home workforce is becoming a new norm with the holding of board meetings and those quick “hallway” discussions transitioning to virtual engagements to a large extent.

Many enterprises are continuing to make use of unlicensed spectrum to power their business’ connectivity needs; however, with the global pandemic, it is imperative for businesses to start leveraging mmWave, licensed microwave fixed wireless Internet access to not only improve internal operations and enhance your customer experience, but also to save you time, money and stress.

According to local market analyst firm BMIT in its latest South Africa Broadband Market Report 2020, it indicated that FWA has become increasingly popular as the technology has evolved to the point where it can support the higher capacity usage at a much lower cost than other existing technologies used by enterprises.

The most discernible impact COVID-19 has had on enterprises is the percentage of employees operating out of physical office space versus the transition of employees working remotely.

What will the new norm be for businesses? Will enterprises transition 100% of their workforce to work-from-home or will companies opt for a hybrid approach?

Whichever option you choose for your company, Comsol has got you covered! Our broadband solution provides you connectivity with a purpose, giving you the ability to elevate your employees and business.

A solution made by people for people who understand business, employees and customer needs.

Comsol is here to give a helping hand, offering you solutions second to none, not only providing you with premium Layer 2 Ethernet services, but on top of that, layer 3 breakout into the Internet.

Using only the best-licensed mmWave 28GHz spectrum to power exceptional network speeds and reliability that is truly cost-effective, ensuring your business operates without a glitch.

There is no substitute for quality – focusing on the advantages of true licensed connectivity, backed by industry-leading operating procedures and standards will ensure that your enterprise thrives no matter the global circumstances.

Stay connected. Without limits.

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