inAni unveils VAR programme

By Rickus Oosthuizen, inAni Product Manager.

Johannesburg, 04 Dec 2018
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inAni, a division within the Printer Distribution Company, has launched an inAni value-added reseller programme as part of its long-term Enterprise Development strategy for EMEs and QSEs.

The idea is to help grow small or start-up businesses with exclusivity in their city and surrounding areas to the inAni brand. This means all marketing and interest they create in the brand will come back to them and all leads generated in the VAR's territory will be passed on to the VAR. Not only does the company believe this is the right channel to market, but in turn it will grow inAni as a brand and the business of the VAR.

inAni would provide the VAR with a starter range of backup and demo equipment at no cost to you, depending on the verticals it will be targeting.

inAni's range has grown since its inception in 2013 and now boasts best-of-breed products including thermal transfer ribbons, paper rolls, labels, thermal printer replacement print heads, bar code scanners, point of sale and thermal transfer printers.

A VAR will enjoy preferential pricing, enabling them to providing their customers with great pricing levels and will also enjoy the benefits of the inAni iMali Rewards program. Additionally, the VAR will also have access to The Printer Distribution Company's Tier 1 product ranges, should they require. The VAR's technical team will be trained free of charge.

The VAR will also have access to the PDC pre-sales team to help you close that deal. With extensive experience in bar coding, printers, RFID, mobile computing and so much more you never have to stand back for anyone.

One of its star ranges includes the inAni DT2X and DT4X thermal printers

Compact and reliable, the inAni DT4X printer and inAni DT2X printer are perfect for printing 2-inch or 4-inch wide, shipping labels, WIP labels, layaway labels, ingredient labels, wristbands, prescription containers, scale and weight tags, receipts printing, and visitor badges. Featuring a space-saving design with a wall mounted feature, standard USB 2.0, serial port and Ethernet connections plus the free GoLabel/QLabel software with database function makes it easy to design your custom labels, tags and wristbands on the fly. They also have auto language emulations for EZPL, GEPL and GZPL along with an optional label dispenser and cutter. The DT4X and DT2X are both capable of printing 1D and 2-D bar codes.

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