SiteLock SMART Database extends support for SMEs

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Cyber security solutions provider SiteLock has added features to its SMART Database (SMART/DB), to extend monitoring and scanning support from WordPress to Joomla! and any other Web platform using a MySQL database. 

The new solution is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), most of whom do not have the budgets or resources to constantly monitor every aspect of their Web sites, including their databases, said Neill Feather, chief innovation officer at SiteLock. 

This is putting them at a great risk of potential compromise. “If left undetected, a compromised Web site database can have a devastating impact on a small business,  exposing customer data and potentially impacting its bottom line. Should anything malicious occur in the database, the entire online history of a small business, such as posts, comments, and customer records could be lost forever.”

The solution will help small SMEs automatically protect their Web site databases from a variety of malware types that could steal customer data, allowing them to conduct online business more securely. 

According to Feather, the database controls, writes, and processes all dynamic data that is collected and stored on a Web site including form completions, online purchases and various types of content. 

The database is a crucial part of any Web site’s infrastructure, however SiteLock data has revealed that 30% of malware cleaned was located within the database. “These types of attacks can threaten customer data, potentially impacting a small business’ reputation, or worse, its ability to stay afloat.”

The threat landscape is also evolving at an alarming rate, he adds, with  the average Web site being attacked approximately every 23 minutes or 62 times per day.”

The updates introduced provide a way for any small business owner, or even bloggers who aggregate an audience, to fortify against these growing threats with an advanced level of detection, concludes Feather.

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