Adobe Connect extending support considering COVID-19 impact

Johannesburg, 03 Apr 2020
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Communities around the world are coming together in their efforts to endure the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis – and Adobe, too, can lend a hand.

From supporting virtual community groups to public health training and large virtual conferences, the Adobe Connect platform is helping communities, schools, businesses and emergency response teams.

“We believe Adobe Connect has a vital role to play for enterprises looking to continue business operations despite travel restrictions, cancelled conferences and delayed projects,” explains Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Dax Data. “Adobe Connect’s virtual business environments let employees join meetings, virtual conferences and training from their homes, where they can continue to be productive and socially engaged,” continues Matthews.

There is a long history of government agencies using the Adobe Connect platform to rapidly respond to mission-critical operations. (See how DHS uses Adobe Connect as part of Homeland Security Information Network for rapid response to emergencies.) Adobe Connect capabilities can help build virtual command centres, which have proved useful for federal, state and local agencies rallying their personnel and resources to prepare and respond to this public health crisis at scale. For example, various government agencies have used an Adobe Connect “room” as an always-live area for field respondents to share real-time information, and to collaborate with a common operating picture to manage incident response.

Several schools and universities are using Adobe Connect to allow students to learn remotely, in larger than ever numbers, and keeping curriculum on track by moving their instructor-led classes to Adobe Connect virtual classrooms for this semester.

Starting this week, we are providing free 90-day access for Adobe Connect, until 1 July 2020. Individuals and business who aren’t customers can now use Adobe Connect rooms with up to 25 participants for free for up to 90 days if they sign up for a trial licence between now and 1 July.

We have also evaluated our infrastructure to ensure its scalability for streamlined, reliable access to the service throughout this period.

Businesses looking for shorter term licences (less than one year) but need larger capacity, or existing customers looking to meet their rapidly expanding Adobe Connect platform usage to enable a much larger number of remote workers, contact Dax Data.

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