Dataguise makes fulfilling data subject access requests easier for companies of any size

The automated discovery, reporting and erasure of personal data simplifies compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other consumer data privacy regulations

Johannesburg, 05 Mar 2020
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Dataguise, the leader in Personal Data Provisioning, offers Dataguise DgDSAR, a software product that leverages the company’s 12 years of experience in personal data discovery across heterogeneous IT systems to simplify the process of responding to a data subject access request (DSAR). 

A DSAR is the term used to describe requests made by individuals to obtain a copy of all information a company has about them, and to make changes to the information or demand its deletion. 

A DSAR is a right granted by various data privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Companies that cannot respond to a DSAR, which is also called a subject rights request (SRR), with the right information within a specific time frame could face fines, legal battles, and brand damage. 

Dataguise DgDSAR automates the process of finding all personal data a company holds about a specific individual, creating a report for review by both the company and the individual, and, if requested, erasing that data.

“A recent Gartner survey demonstrated that many organisations are not capable of delivering swift and precise results in answer to SRRs received. Thirty-six percent of organisations indicated it takes them three weeks or more to respond to a single request. Often done manually as well, the costs of such workflows are huge,” states Gartner in its August 2019 report, titled 5 Areas where AI will Turbocharge Privacy Readiness.

“In 2019, clients indicated that they spend, on average, more than $1 400 to answer a single SRR.”

In today’s data-driven economy, even small companies are amassing large volumes of data, both on-premises and in cloud-based services and software, from hard drives and file-share servers to databases and data lakes. Finding every bit of personal data that can be attributed to an individual identity has been a problem that most companies are unable to solve today, whether manually or with the use of custom-built technology solutions. 

Dataguise offers a scalable, end-to-end privacy plus security solution for scanning repositories and documents across on-premises and cloud environments.

Dataguise DgDSAR simplifies the DSAR process from beginning to end in this way:

  • Consumer-facing form on company Web site to securely receive requests
  • Efficient governance workflow, including validation and approval of requests
  • Automation to find the relevant personal information across multiple systems and documents in different formats (structured or unstructured)
  • Report generation for easy review, approval and sharing
  • Implement “Right to be Forgotten” – delete and “forget” a person using masking, encryption or hard-delete directly from the dashboard

“The process of responding to a DSAR is as fundamental to doing business as payroll,” says Manmeet Singh, CEO of Dataguise. 

“It is a ubiquitous problem that won’t go away and will only become more challenging. Companies need to be confident that the information they report to customers is complete and accurate, and they need a way to erase that data, preferably while still getting the business value out of the data. 

“This product can support numerous privacy and governance strategies, depending on the company’s risk position. Most importantly, it gives consumers peace of mind.”

Dataguise DgDSAR can be used in small, medium or large enterprises with its flexible deployment options, and can scale as a business grows or the volume of DSARs increases.


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