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Windhoek, 04 Nov 2010
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MTC, the leading mobile operator in Namibia, has announced the imminent launch of the Netman Home and Netman Home Plus products.

The new products, which come complete with a cordless phone and a wireless router, offer customers the convenience of accessing Internet from home wirelessly. Netman Home is a product that connects several computers in your home to Internet wirelessly and it gives the user the luxury of cordless voice call functionality and SMS at the same time.

Netman Home works on almost every operating system such as Linux, Mac and Microsoft and supports data technologies like GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA, among others.

MTC's Chief HR and Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo, said: “The beauty of Netman Home is that it allows you to make a voice call while simultaneously browsing the Internet.”

According to Ekandjo, Netman Home is another first for the Namibian consumer. “It is yet again testimony of our resolve to benchmark ourselves with the international market and to give the Namibian consumer no less than what they deserve,” he observed.

He also noted that the product and its pricing structure have been tailored to families, especially parents and students and additionally caters for the businessperson who uses the Internet during the evenings.

The product is currently only available on contract with a monthly subscription of N$499. On top of the cordless phone and the wireless router, customers buying Netman Home Plus will get a Notebook (laptop) and 7.2 3G device for only N$899.

As a limited special offer, customers who sign up before 31 January 2011 will have the connection fee waived.

Customers signing up for Netman Home will enjoy free On-Net calls (MTC-MTC) between 7pm and 7am every day, and five gigabytes free per month. The cost of On-Net short text messages (SMS) is 5c and 40c to other networks. Both the On-Net minutes and the five gigabytes cannot be rolled over to the next month.

Once these free benefits are depleted in a particular month, customers will be charged 50 cents per megabyte and 99 cents for chargeable calls.

The product will be available at all MTC's MobileHomes as from Thursday, 4 November 2010, Ekandjo assured.


MTC (Mobile Telecommunications Limited) was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Namibia Post and Telecommunications Holdings (NPTH), Telia and Swedfund. During May 2004, NPTH concluded a deal that saw it hold 100% of the shares in MTC by acquiring the 49% held by Telia Overseas AB and Swedfund International AB. During 2006 the sale of 34% of MTC shares to Portugal Telecom was concluded for N$1.34 billion while the Namibian government retains the remainder of the stake through NPTH.

MTC currently covers 98% of the population of nearly 2 million citizens with more than 650 base stations and repeaters and offers a dual band 900/1800MHZ. The company also expanded its cellular coverage to all major towns in Namibia, including the major arterial roads. It further runs two modern MSC's (mobile switching centre) in Windhoek and Oshakati with capacity to accommodate rapidly rising number of customers of over 1.3 million active users. MTC also operates the only full service customer contact centre in Namibia dealing with service queries ranging from telephony, sms, fax, GPRS, data, voicemail and 3G/HSDPA. A staff of 367 persons serves a diverse market of both pre- and post-paid subscribers.

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