How storage supports cyber resilience

Johannesburg, 06 Dec 2021
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Keith Kenneth, IBM Systems Business Leader for Storage: South & Central Africa.
Keith Kenneth, IBM Systems Business Leader for Storage: South & Central Africa.

Robust, intelligent and resilient storage is an important defence against attack, and a key tool in organisational cyber resilience.

This is according to IBM’s Keith Kenneth, IBM Systems Business Leader for Storage: South & Central Africa, who was speaking ahead of an IBM webinar on cyber resilience, to be staged in collaboration with ITWeb.

Storage should go beyond data backup and recovery to unify workload protection and cyber resilience, he says. Cyber resilience refers to the preparations organisations make to address cyber threats and vulnerabilities, the defences that have been developed, and the resources available for mitigating a data security failure after the fact.

Resilient primary storage should deliver two-site and three-site replication, high availability and enhanced high availability with multi-platform support, make air-gapped immutable copies and protect data with encryption. Storage solutions for cyber resilience ensure continuity of operations, better performance and lower infrastructure costs. They also simplify VM, application and container backup and recovery, which improves storage efficiency and provides data isolation throughout your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

“Moving towards the ideal environment can start with modernising the storage infrastructure already in use. You can get started right away with software-defined storage from IBM on your existing storage from practically any vendor,” Keith says. “To support data resilience, organisations need to move beyond compliance and centralise data security, assigning responsibility for the protection of sensitive data. They also need to prioritise and leverage data activity monitoring.”

The IBM data protection portfolio offers solutions that support cyber resilience through separate business-critical backups from the network and protect data with immutable or WORM (write once, read many) backend storage. With true air gap protection with tape support, front-end anomaly detection monitoring data flow and deduplication patterns for suspicious activity and cyber incident response services that advise, provide updated configuration recommendations and assist with recovery planning.

IBM’s all-flash storage platform simplifies hybrid cloud storage, and Safeguarded Copy – now available in IBM FlashSystem family, SAN Volume Controller and DS8900F – adds a layer of protection with immutable and isolated copies to address today's evolving threats. In the event of an attack, these copies can be quickly restored to recover with confidence. With its Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe)-accelerated architecture and IBM Spectrum Virtualize-driven data management capabilities, IBM FlashSystem has earned a reputation for being one of the fastest, most feature-rich storage families in the marketplace, and offers the lowest cost and highest performing storage options on the market today.

The IBM cyber and data resilience webinar will be held on 8 December, outlining how advanced storage solutions support cyber and data resilience and how IBM FlashSystem can help organisations quickly recover from cyber attacks and other disruptions.

For more information and to register for this event, click here.

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