Google releases open source tools

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Google releases open source tools

Google is releasing, as open source, several of its key application development tools, hoping they will prove useful for external programmers to build faster Web applications, reports PC World.

Google has used the tools in some of its most popular Web applications, including Gmail, Google Docs and Google Maps, says Amit Agarwal, a Google product manager.

"By enabling and allowing developers to use the very same tools that Google uses, we hope that they can not only build rich applications but also make the Web really, really fast. That's our primary motive in getting these tools outside to the global community," he says.

Microsoft commits to Apache

Microsoft has contributed another $100 000 to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), following on from its surprise move last year to begin funding the open source organisation, states ZDNet UK.

Last year's donation made Microsoft one of the ASF's platinum sponsors, alongside Google and Yahoo, and the company said it would continue its sponsorship for another "couple of years".

"We're happy to share another milestone in our work with open source communities: renewing our commitment to the Apache Software Foundation," Microsoft said in a statement.

Skype develops new VOIP client

Skype says it is working on an open source user interface layer for its Linux voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) client, according to DesktopLinux.

Although apparently not fully open source, the upcoming version of the Skype client for Linux could enable more open development of client front ends, including mobile devices.

Skype has offered a Linux version since 2004, but only as a closed source VOIP client.

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