HP’s new ProBook enables truly secure remote working

Johannesburg, 30 Jul 2021
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The vast changes that have occurred in the past 18 months in the manner in which we work means that we now have a majority of people working remotely, and as such, two things become critically important. The first is that the device being used needs to be tough, durable and versatile, while secondly, the integrated security must be complete and layered, to provide total data protection.

Siyanda Mvimbeli, HP Product Manager, notes the new HP ProBook x360 435 G8 has been designed to meet all of the above criteria. This latest ProBook delivers the power, security, and durability to match growing business demands, he suggests, and does so in a versatile 360° design – delivering four different use modes – enabling it to adapt to the way individuals choose to work.

“Whether you are operating from home, working in a coffee shop or one of the few who remains in the office, the HP ProBook x360 435 is built to last. It has been designed to be tough, sleek and durable, with an anodised aluminium keyboard deck and top cover,” he says.

“Its weight and size deliver portability, while the fact that it offers optional gigabit-speed WiFi 6 connectivity means that wherever you work from, you can be assured of a fast and reliable internet connection.”

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Of course, he adds, security is more critical than ever in today’s remote work environment, particularly as research suggests that every 53 seconds, a laptop is lost or stolen. This not only puts remote users at higher risk, it also means more traditional security approaches are likely to be inadequate.

“The new ProBook has been designed with multi-layered security protection, which includes AMD Memory Guard, a solution that encrypts the system information. What this means is that even if the laptop falls into the wrong hands, the criminals can’t simply bypass full-disk encryption by accessing keys stored in memory.

“Firmware attacks can also completely devastate a PC, but users can remain protected with HP Sure Start Gen6, a self-healing BIOS that automatically recovers itself from attacks or corruption.”

Furthermore, malware is evolving so rapidly that traditional anti-virus can’t always recognise new attacks. However, adds Mvimbeli, HP Sure Sense will protect your machine against never-before-seen attacks, by using deep learning AI to provide exceptional protection against advanced malware.

“AMD insists that the best modern security solutions can only be achieved through layered defences. It is for this reason that AMD and HP work closely together, in order to provide architecture- and hardware-based security features that strengthen the device’s safety from the inside out,” he continues.

He points out that by providing a strong, hardware-based security architecture foundation, AMD has enabled HP to leverage these features when building their own functionality. The end result, states Mvimbeli, are security features designed to help keep information secure, no matter where the user works.

“An integrated and layered approach to security, such as this, invisibly helps protect the computer from start-up to shut-down, without impacting on its outstanding performance.”

This seamless approach to security is more important than ever. Businesses are facing a threat landscape that is continuously evolving in both size and complexity, and users who are demanding new ways of connecting and collaborating. Between the security delivered by AMD and the sleek, versatile design of the HP ProBook x360 435 G8, remote workers can operate anywhere safely and comfortably, regardless of their business demands,” concludes Mvimbeli.

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