Corr-Serve adds POPIA compliance software to its portfolio

Locally relevant software for international compliance requirements.

Johannesburg, 12 Oct 2021
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Tai Chesselet, CEO of PrivIQ.
Tai Chesselet, CEO of PrivIQ.

Local value-added distributor, Corr-Serve, today announced a new partnership with PrivIQ, expanding its offering to resellers to make POPIA compliance easier for South African businesses. 

PrivIQ is a suite of automated tools that track how to implement, document and manage data and privacy risks to optimise compliance. By adding this to their portfolio, Corr-Serve is extending the ability for its resellers to assist privacy professionals to monitor and manage their risks centrally, tracking and progress and recording action as well as understand document risk mitigations.

Product Director, Mark van Vuuren, comments on the significance of this inclusion to Corr-Serve’s portfolio: “Data privacy compliance has become an important concern for business. Since the implementation of POPIA, businesses are looking for a simple, intuitive and cost-effective solution to support their data privacy professionals in being able to keep track and report, as well as ensure they are covered for risk and compliance.“

Demand for privacy and compliance tools that help unburden data privacy officers and ensure compliance and risk mitigation are in high demand. In a recent State of Privacy and Personal Data Protection, 2020-2022, Gartner analysts said that by 2024, more than 80% of organisations worldwide will face modern privacy and data protection requirements.

Currently PrivIQ offers data privacy compliance covering the regulations of GDPR, UK GDPR, CCPA, Turkish KVKK, Brazilian LGPD, Thailand PDPA, South Africa POPIA and Nigeria NDPR.

A company trading in any combination of these can use the service for multi-regulation, multi-company compliance. The software entails a single business licence and fee, providing unlimited access for employees and total cover from the platform. It is currently in use in over 800 organisations worldwide.

CEO of PrivIQ, Tai Chesselet, commented: "We are delighted that Corr-Serve has chosen our service for data privacy programme management as a complementary service to their existing suite. They are a value-added distributor that goes way beyond box-dropping with their sophisticated products that offer true value to their resellers as well as the resellers' clients.” 

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