Local Battlefield 3 team heads to nations cup

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A local Battlefield 3 team, First in Battle (FiB), will compete in the Clanbase NationsCup 2012, following their victory in an online competition organised by Mind Sports SA (MSSA) and hosted by MWeb.

Colin Webster, MSSA president, says that while the team could not be awarded Protea Colours, as the competition did not allow for all the criteria to be met, they have received National Federation Colours, and will be an official South African team.

“Clan FiB performed very well in the competition, winning all their rounds, except one against Clan ASF. We've got a strong set of Battlefield 3 players in Team SA to represent us at the NationsCup, and we wish them the best of luck.

“MSSA would also like to give special thanks to MWeb GameZone for hosting the competition on their Battlefield 3 servers at such short notice, after Clanbase confirmed we had only two days to enter a South African team,” says Webster.

The 15th Clanbase NationsCup 2012 has drawn 24 qualifying teams from 39 competing countries to play in the Battlefield 3 competition.

Starting on 23 January, the event will kick off with four groups of six teams; the top three teams in each group will advance. Fourteen national teams have already qualified for the group stage, with other national teams competing for the last 10 slots.

The group stage will kick off on 30 January, with Team SA, in Group C, competing against Australia, Belgium, Finland, Portugal and Russia.

MWeb GameZone will be supporting the official South African National Team's preparations by providing them with their own Battlefield 3 Clan server, a practice server in the UK, as well as a Teamspeak server for the duration of the NationsCup, to enable communication between the players.

Desmond Kurz, MWeb online gaming manager, says: “GameZone wants to help South African gamers compete on the international stage, so we will continue to work closely with MSSA to get more teams involved in the other games offered for the NationsCup. Hopefully we can have an even bigger national representation next year.”

The 12 members of the South African team all come from Clan FiB and are: Chris 'Bloodslug' Hart, Daniel 'Crincler' Towse, Kyle 'Cromedome' Burton, Ricky 'Jalgorty' Schlenk, AJ 'Assassin' Herbst, Riaan 'EasyKill' Vrey, Matt 'Lt-Matt' Lennox, Reinhardt 'PeStil3nc3' van Rooyen, Renier 'Sabrefox91o' van Rooyen, Sheraaz 'ZAAREHS' Nunnian, MJ 'Vermaak' Vermaak and Helgard 'lFiBlChaotic' van Rooyen.

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