Supersonic wins the ISP sprint

MTN's new ISP has topped MyBroadband’s Q2 2019 speed test and mobile app results once again by simplifying the entire fibre connection process.

Johannesburg, 20 Aug 2019
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Supersonic, MTN’s new, super-simple Internet Service Provider (ISP), has won proverbial gold at MyBroadband’s Q2 2019 speed test and mobile app results once again.

“The Q2 results are based on 32 006 user ratings through the Web. Mobile-based speed tests show Supersonic as the leader in Internet speed, as measured on MyBroadband’s speed test servers, hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centre and NAPAfrica’s peering points in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. All network operators present at  NAPAfrica’s peering points are provided with a 10Gbps connection to the MyBroadband speed test platform,” says MyBroadband.

Supersonic is taking charge of the ISP marketplace by simplifying the entire fibre connection process, from the online application and product selection process, to a simple customer and after-sales service with a dedicated relationship manager and WhatsApp chat channel.

Calvin Collett, managing director of Supersonic, says: “The ISP market has become so cluttered with Internet fibre verbiage that consumers don’t know what to believe, and become even more confused and ‘switched off’ when needing to make the right ISP decision.

 “We’ve taken the confusion out of the ISP ‘sell’ and have kept it super-simple: it’s Internet that works. These results from the likes of MyBroadband attest to this claim, which is great news for the new kids on the Internet fibre block.”

For more information on Supersonic, visit its Website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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