Born-in-SA solution drops the barrier to SME document storage and management

Johannesburg, 01 Dec 2021
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René Brunt, Founder and CEO of Ubunye Holdings.
René Brunt, Founder and CEO of Ubunye Holdings.

Ubunye Holdings, developer of the award-winning ScannerVision document capture solution, has extended its portfolio with the launch of DocVolante, a cost-effective and simple solution to electronically index, store and share files and documents.

DocVolante can be used as a standalone solution or integrate with Ubunye’s ScannerVision and Aivika to allow organisations to efficiently digitise and automate their documents and workflows end to end. 

René Brunt, Founder and CEO of Ubunye Holdings, says DocVolante was built in South Africa in response to input from its customers around the world.

“While even large organisations such as an entire government use our solutions, we remain committed to our original mission – to put advanced IT solutions within reach of even the smallest business,” he says. Over the years we have evolved to become what businesses need – a technology provider who can demystify and humanise the IT that they depend on to run their businesses.

“Ubunye’s philosophy is that we don’t just develop functionalities, we also work closely with our partners as they know what the end-user needs.”

“We saw a niche in the market to develop a document management system specifically aimed at small to medium-sized organisations to help them categorise all their paper-based and digital documents intelligently.

“We listened to our partners and customers and developed a pared down solution that is not only less complex than other storage solutions for SMEs to manage and use, it also costs significantly less than other solutions on the market.” DocVolante is priced around 80% lower than any comparable system.

DocVolante enhances collaboration, with robust search and retrieve functions and version control, making it ideal for organisations that require an audit trail for their document journey. DocVolante intelligently automates and streamlines document management and allows businesses to keep their important documents safely in one place, where they can track and access them at any time, thereby enhancing productivity and saving time.

Brunt says by integrating Aivika and ScannerVision with DocVolante, businesses can easily underpin their digital transformation, with all tools they need to convert all paper documents to a searchable, digital format that is stored safely in DocVolante from where it can be retrieved easily with the use of its powerful searching capabilities.

DocVolante supports remote and hybrid working by allowing easy access and sharing of files and documents by remote users in a Work Desk shared folder. Permissions granted can be set on the system, allowing for confidential or sensitive documents only to be seen by chosen users.

DocVolante and ScannerVision assure security and compliance with SSL encryption, secure login and detailed audit logs, tracking who made the change, the date and time of the change, document and content involved in an activity and the action performed.

DocVolante supports major and minor versioning.

Immgart Crous, Head of Business Development – Africa at Ubunye, explains: “When you upload a new document to the DMS, it will get a version number of 1.0. If you make a change to the metadata of the document without modifying the document itself, it gets a version of 1.1, 1.2 and so on. If you replace the document itself with a modified version, it will get a version of 2.0, 3.0 and so on. The major version supersedes the minor version so if both the document and the metadata are modified, the version number is bumped to the next major version while the minor version remains zero.”

Crous says the combination of the custom development of the user interface with the maturity and stability of the underlying technology stack makes for a very dynamic yet stable platform on which Ubunye will build into the future. While the first versions of DocVolante will be on-premises only, Crous says there is a roadmap to take the solution to the cloud in future.

While DocVolante is easy to install and manage, Ubunye’s worldwide reseller partners are also equipped to help customers install and integrate the solution.

For more information about DocVolante, please click here.

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