Rubrik offers backup that’s simple, faster, future-proof

Johannesburg, 06 Aug 2019
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The rise of ransomware and other corporate threats has in turn boosted demand for off-site backup solutions. There is a growing requirement for stronger security at every point in the IT ecosystem, and backup is no exception.

Hannes Rheeder, general manager: enterprise systems management (ESM) at Networks Unlimited Africa, notes: “Data is the most important aspect of your computer – the ultimate reason why these devices exist is to capture, store and analyse data. Your computer hardware can fail, and computers can be lost, stolen or destroyed, but for businesses and individuals today, the loss of data is the most painful loss of all. You may be able to reinstall operating systems and applications, but if your original data is lost forever, this is ultimately where the real damage is done.

“Data backup software can help you protect and restore your data when something goes wrong – and in today’s world, this includes the growing harm posed by threat actors as well as human error, or damage or theft of the actual hardware.”

Rheeder says Rubrik is one of a new breed of data management applications that mirrors the rise of hyper-converged infrastructure by bundling backup software and storage that is purpose-built for cloud.

“As a data management platform, Rubrik provides data management services such as backup and recovery, targeting enterprises that run hybrid cloud environments. Rubrik software can run on-premises, as well as in the cloud, to protect, manage and secure data.”

Rubrik simplifies backup and recovery for hybrid cloud environments. It eliminates legacy backup complexity by integrating data orchestration, catalogue management and deduplicated storage into a single software platform. With Rubrik, enterprises can unlock cloud for long-term data retention or disaster recovery and deliver automation with an API-first software platform. It is designed to be vendor-agnostic and supports leading operating systems, databases, hypervisors, clouds and SaaS applications.

Rheeder notes the following advantages offered by Rubrik solutions:

  • Ransomware recovery: A business can recover quickly from ransomware attacks with immutable backups, ML-driven anomaly detection, and one-click recovery to avoid paying a ransom.
  • Data protection (backup, DR, archival): Deliver speedy backups and recoveries for your physical, virtual and cloud applications and data.
  • Cloud mobility: Rubrik allows your business to migrate data to and from the cloud with no vendor lock-in.
  • Global management: Polaris GPS on Rubrik’s SaaS platform for data management applications offers one easy-to-use interface across data centres and clouds for global visibility and control.
  • Self-service automation: By integrating Rubrik into your service catalogues and orchestration tools via its REST APIs, service delivery is easily automated.

“Rubrik offers cloud backup services for enterprises that are integrated with archive, search, analytics, compliance and copy data management capabilities. Its services are very easy to use, but offer near-instant access. Its customers have reduced backup costs by as much as 50%, while spending no more than two to three minutes per day on backup activities. Further, it supports multiple physical, virtual and cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Office 365. These key differentiators provide backup that’s simple, faster and future-proof,” concludes Rheeder.

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