Google ventures into augmented reality

Johannesburg, 08 Feb 2012
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Google ventures into augmented reality

Google is rumoured to be developing Terminator-like heads-up display (HUD) glasses that function as a smartphone, and the company could be releasing a beta version to the public soon, PC Magazine writes.

The prototype runs Android, has a front-facing camera, and features a transparent LCD or Amoled display for one eye, according to the 9to5Google blog.

PC & Tech Authority says the futuristic-looking specs will come with a heads-up display on one of the lenses for complete augmented reality.

The device will not be an add-on to your mobile though, as it communicates directly to the cloud over IP, although there may be a WiFi and Bluetooth tethering option for Web access.

9to5Google writes that the HUD Google Glasses are nowhere near being finished and that it's unclear how they'll be marketed and sold, CNET notes.

Wearable technology is on the rise. Not only is Google working on these sorts of products, but so too are Apple, Recon Instruments and Motorola.

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