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Johannesburg, 30 May 2022
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Despite being a connectivity company, the successful local IT company CCI Techology Solutions was experiencing a disconnect in their expanding suite of software as their business was growing. It meant they were using more and more software solutions to manage their activities, but none of them were integrated and they needed the 360° visibility.

The company went through an extensive evaluation process and for them the clear winner for their needs was Maximizer CRM. Implemented by local solution provider Camsoft CRM Solutions, Maximizer CRM was able to offer that important 360° view and, in fact, replaced most of their systems. Part of the decision-making process was about how well Maximizer CRM synchronised with their existing solutions like accounting systems. Camsoft CRM Solutions helped them set up everything, including their need to track their growing team and locations. Steve Pinkney, CCI’s MD, explains: “We use Maximizer dashboard for everything! From opportunities to wins and everything in between and all the integration coming from all the different systems.”

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Solution: Maximizer CRM
Industry: IT
Provider: Camsoft CRM Solutions
User: CCI Technology Solutions

Pinkney also notes: “One of the great things about Maximizer is that you can add more products. We’ve integrated Maximizer into our accounting system and our document management solution and everything works seamlessly. So, from my perspective, as a Managing Director, I want to see everything and I want to see how my reps are doing and how our opportunities are coming along.”

Pinkney adds: “We have many active clients as well as many leads in our database. That’s a lot of data. Maximizer CRM gives me a quick overview of how we are servicing each client with a few clicks. I can see exactly what opportunities are appending with them and what wins we have had.”

This company-wide information is crucial to their success and Pinkney explains: “We know exactly what jobs are assigned, to whom they have been assigned, how they are progressing through the system and how fast are deals being closed. Then we also track the help desk we use for customer service.” Maximizer CRM’s extra attention to detail has given them the competitive edge for three decades now. And the team is happier as well. Overall, Pinkney has felt the increase in productivity and his team is less anxious as they know exactly where they stand, and everyone works together to fill in any gaps.

Maximizer CRM is fully customisable to meet the specific needs of your business. It allows you to configure and adapt fields, workflows, processes and CRM reports, giving users, managers and executives the productivity solutions and business insights they need to work more efficiently, effectively and intelligently. Simple and quick to deploy, learn, use and maintain, Maximizer CRM provides access options through online, desktop and mobile devices, giving businesses the best value and a low total cost of ownership for a full-featured CRM. Maximizer’s customer relationship management solution seamlessly integrates with business tools you already use, including Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and MS Office, as well as accounting software and solutions, making it a centralised CRM hub for all your sales, marketing and customer management activities. It also gives your business unprecedented control and accessibility over your contact and lead database, together with the confidence that your data is secure.

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