Vodacom sponsors 46664 campaign

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Vodacom launched 46664 branded prepaid starter packs in support of the 46664 HIV/AIDS campaign, at an event held at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Sandton yesterday.

The 46664 "Give one minute of your life to stop AIDS" campaign, launched in October 2003, uses online petitions, music concerts and DVD/CD sales to raise funds to fight the pandemic in SA and increase the global awareness about HIV/AIDS. The number "46664" was Nelson Mandela`s Robben Island prison number. The campaign also approaches international celebrities and corporations for donations.

"There will be no donation on the sale of the 46664 starter pack, but each time a person recharges their cellphone or makes a call, Vodacom will contribute a portion of the money to the 46664 fund to support the fight against HIV/AIDS. This will enable people to join in the fight against AIDS at no cost to them," says Peter Matlare, Vodacom commercial executive director.

"We are calling on customers to make use of this opportunity and let every voice make a difference and touch someone`s life," says Matlare. "This awareness campaign will also inspire ordinary South Africans to take personal responsibility in fighting AIDS," he says. "We can no longer afford to close our eyes and ears to the pandemic."

"We have to start to exploit ICT and use it to communicate a social message. We hope this model will serve far more smart partnerships between non-profit organisations and private companies," said John Samuel, Nelson Mandela Foundation CEO.

The Vodacom 46664 prepaid starter packs are available in stores for R149 each.

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