Tactile partners with Smufs Biometric Solutions

Tactile continues to expand its offering and tap into new markets and applications. It is proud to introduce its new Israeli partner, Smufs Biometric Solutions (SBS), an identity management mobile solutions provider.

Johannesburg, 02 Jun 2020
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Founded in 2012 in Israel, Smufs Biometric Solutions is a market-leading manufacturer of mobile biometric products and solutions for the commercial, governmental and law enforcement market segments.

SBS mobile devices are enabling thousands of users around the world with the best secure user experience. SBS biometric servers are delivering the highest quality and performance required for critical end-to-end governmental and commercial applications through its products – SMUFS-BT, SMUFS-BT-OPTICAL and SMUFS-NANO compact devices. This is a line of new generation mobile biometric peripherals capable of transforming the mobile phone from a data collector into a powerful biometric identification machine, even in rural areas where Internet connectivity is not always available.

These innovative products have been successfully deployed in banking, security, healthcare, insurance and government markets worldwide. SBS BioCard, SBS tablet and the SBS RoadRunner server, a new line of products targeting high-security access control solutions for sensitive infrastructures (airports, etc) are also currently successfully deployed in several locations. SBS manufacturing of both software and hardware components allows highly efficient and diverse tailor-made solutions to adapt to specific customers and world developing needs such as COVID-19 restrictions.

Steven Baeyens, Tactile Group Product Manager: "SBS is a market leading manufacturer of mobile biometric-based products and solutions. They have developed and provide a winning combination of hardware products and application intelligence that allows us to offer solutions to the financial market as well as government and law enforcement segments. Unlike existing costly solutions, SBS offers full biometric solutions that can operate on a standalone basis or can be integrated with the customer's existing systems. We see great applications in the South African industry and we can reach out quite quickly, thanks to our existing partners in the mentioned markets."

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