If it`s personalisation you want then branded it is

Johannesburg, 19 Jul 2005
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By Matthew Hall, general manager of Corex

The white box versus branded PC argument has been raging on for quite a while now and undoubtedly both have their benefits and pitfalls. However, it ultimately boils down to what your requirements are and how high up in the PC hierarchy chain you`re willing to go.

Branded PCs offer better quality, and that`s the bottom line. Also, with a branded PC you can expect a higher level of personalisation and quality. By opting for a branded PC you also have access to an enhanced level of expertise, support and warrantees.

Also, a lot of a companies` R&D goes into a branded PC, and more than likely you`ll be purchasing a PC that is a leader in its field and offers the latest functionality and technologies.

If quality and personalisation is your thing, then you should opt for brands such as Thermaltake, A-Data and Asus that offer exceptional specifications, they are already personalised and enable you to even further jazz-up your PC.

Indeed, these PCs are ideally suited to your middle and high-end PC user - an enthusiast - that requires that something extra as well as superior functionality.

On the other hand, if you need your PC for basic word processing and Internet connectivity, then white box might be the answer. White boxes are produced for the masses, which is why they have a generic look and offer generic functionalities and technology.

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