PnP Mobile’s RICA process goes paperless

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Pick n Pay has made it possible for customers on PnP Mobile, its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) business, to register their SIM cards without any paperwork.

When the supermarket chain store launched PnP Mobile last November, it indicated that among the future features would be a paperless RICA process.

In a statement, Pick n Pay says the paperless RICA process can now be completed by using a TymeBank kiosk, available at 500 stores across the country.

“Pick n Pay and our partners, TymeBank, are making it possible for our PnP Mobile customers to enjoy a completely simplified mobile SIM card purchase and registration process,” says John Bradshaw, retail executive for the omni-channel at Pick n Pay.

“They will no longer need a physical copy of their residential address or identity document to complete registration.”

PnP Mobile runs on MTN’s mobile network infrastructure to offer customers prepaid, SIM-based access to services, including airtime, data and SMS. It became the first operator to be carried by MTN since it entered the MVNO space in October 2020.

Since launching last year, there has been steady uptake by customers signing up to purchase SIM-based access to services, and the number continues growing, according to the grocery group.

“Customers have realised that our mobile service is very competitive and offers great value for money. Mobile products are essential for every South African, with many people including it in their monthly grocery shop, so it’s important for us to continue finding ways to offer convenience and great deals,” says Bradshaw.

PnP Mobile’s paperless RICA process is done following the steps below:

  • Purchase a SIM card.
  • Scan or type in SIM barcode.
  • Enter ID number and an alternative cellphone number.
  • Select a residential address in the system.
  • Scan the fingerprint.
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