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Dimension Data launches software-defined networking development model

Software-defined networking will drive significant changes in how networks are built and operated, and ultimately, the entire networking industry, says Rob Lopez, group executive - Networking at Dimension Data.

Johannesburg, 28 May 2014
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In a move to help organisations understand software-defined networking (SDN), the impact that SDN will have on their ICT operations, and the protocols and network architectures required to define their future network vision, Dimension Data today launched its Software-Defined Networking Development Model.

SDN is an emerging architectural approach to networking, where network functionality and services are made available in software, and where the network becomes programmable. This combination ensures that the network, a critical ICT asset supporting the majority of business processes and communications, becomes far more flexible in its ability to support business objectives.

Rob Lopez, Dimension Data's Group Executive - Networking, says: "Software-defined networking is not just a trend, but an important shift that will drive significant changes in how networks are built and operated - and ultimately the entire networking industry. Enterprises are searching for more cost-effective and agile ways of ensuring that their networks keep up with the rapid changes in ICT, and IDC predicts that SDN revenues will reach USD 3.7 billion in the next two years."

"As an organisation with a 31-year history of designing, architecting, deploying, maintaining, and supporting network solutions and infrastructure, Dimension Data is excited about SDN. It offers us additional choices when architecting our clients' networks. More importantly, SDN creates opportunities for cost savings through more efficient operations, as well as a more effective delivery of network services," explains Lopez.

Dimension Data has structured its Software-Defined Networking Development Model as a strategic process with a consulting-led, facilitated workshop at its core. The workshop includes an educational element to ensure a common understanding of SDN before moving on to reviewing the impact of SDN to four key dimensions of ICT infrastructure, ICT operations, organisation and business alignment.

Following the analysis of the output of the workshop, clients will be provided with a series of recommendations on how an organisation can begin its SDN programme and what specific actions to take to ensure its success.

"A move to SDN can be potentially disruptive and complex. With the insights delivered through our Software-Defined Networking Development Model, organisations will be in a strong position to move ahead with their SDN journey in a structured and coherent manner," concludes Lopez.

For more information on Dimension Data's Software-Defined Networking Development Model, visit or click here to view the FAQs document.

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