CallCabinet reinvents call recording with launch of Atmos PLUS

Johannesburg, 08 Feb 2017
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Matthew Balcomb, CEO at CallCabinet South Africa.
Matthew Balcomb, CEO at CallCabinet South Africa.

Yesterday, at the annual IT Expo in Fort Lauderdale, CallCabinet launched the newest enhancements to its flexible, cloud-based interaction system, Atmos, in the form of Atmos PLUS. The additions to CallCabinet's award-winning compliant call recording solution enable customers to enjoy the level of enterprise quality management features they are accustomed to from on-premises solutions, delivered in the cloud.

New features and benefits available in Atmos PLUS include a series of advanced tools that will enable organisations to better manage, store, retrieve and review calls on the fly. In order to significantly improve quality management, the solution now enables team managers to access recordings with a rich set of advanced quality controls, enabling them to grade and score call centre agents, sales people and all client-facing personnel, directly from the Atmos playback window.

"We have been working closely with clients to garner a better understanding of what they would like to see in their communication recording environment," says Matthew Balcomb, CEO at CallCabinet South Africa. "Each one of them has stated emphatically that they would like to have better visibility of calls in a live environment, and would like tools to evaluate calls within the system - then pull that information through as a way to track and monitor the quality of call handling.

"Through Atmos PLUS's added features - such as screenshots of an agent's live working environment to a recorded call, assigned to each call as it is stored - managers and team leaders have a detailed view of how an agent is managing their customer calls. This is a great tool to ensure each agent is performing in the correct manner."

According to Ryan Kahan, CEO of CallCabinet, the enhanced feature set of Atmos PLUS is extensive. Now Atmos includes tools to assist with call evaluation, provides analytics at agent- and time-based levels, and offers a significantly improved on-screen environment.

Leveraging Atmos PLUS's built-in analytics, clients can use the information on each agent to ensure quality of service, plus align productivity to individual KPIs, helping to streamline performance management at an HR level.

"The future of interaction recording is without a doubt heading to cloud-based solutions. The simplicity, the ability to deploy policy-based security features, the flexibility of deploying solutions across multiple environments as well as the scalability of the cloud itself, makes it ideal for the storage of recordings," adds Balcomb.

CallCabinet's Atmos is a game-changing compliant interaction recorder that offers a unique "pay as you grow" software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model. With automatic upgrades and 24x7 support, Atmos is a distinctly disruptive technology that guarantees your calls (and soon, all other interactions) will be recorded every time and stored in a secure and compliant environment.

Access to recordings is simple via the Atmos cloud-based portal that offers all the flexibility of this Web-based application, and can be accessed from any device, from anywhere that has an Internet connection. The scalability of Atmos means it is cost-effective for organisations with as few as two to three users, yet meets the needs of large enterprises, IT service providers and telcos.


Winner of "Best in Show" awards at ITEXPO shows in Miami, Anaheim and Fort Lauderdale, and winner of the 2016 and 2017 Internet Telephony Product of the Year and other awards, CallCabinet is a leading developer of innovative, flexible and cutting-edge cloud and premises-based call recording solutions. Atmos puts a fully compliant, cloud-hosted, industrial strength and easy-to-implement call recording solution within reach of ITSPs, telcos, distributed and smaller enterprises for the first time. For more information, visit

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