Better Together: Xerox and Fuji Xerox

Recently, Xerox entered into an agreement to combine with Fuji Xerox, says Steve Hoover, Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Senior Vice President at Xerox.

Johannesburg, 22 Feb 2018
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Ensuring that products and services make its customers' lives better has been a singular focus for Xerox. In fact, innovation and customers are at the heart of everything it does, says Steve Hoover, Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Senior Vice President at Xerox.

For over 50 years, Xerox has been working with its Fuji Xerox partners to ensure it can improve the productivity and business processes of its customers around the world - helping them solve the challenges they face. Recently, Xerox entered into an agreement to combine with Fuji Xerox. To do this, I will continue to engage our partners, vendors and customers in understanding how we can help. Our teams will listen and we will learn.

This "better together" team will continue to drive a product and services portfolio that offers the solutions its customers around the world deserve. It will work to dissolve its partner barriers, inspiring and enabling the brainpower and passion of more than 6 000 researchers and engineers to create a unified team.

What is it about the combination that will help its customers? Is it because Xerox and Fuji Xerox perfectly complement each other with their technology? Customers will have access to a broader combined product portfolio and feel confident that they are getting the best product available for them, regardless of where in the world they are - whether it is Boise or Burma, Japan or Jakarta. Additionally, the new Fuji Xerox will have a fully unified supply chain, which will bring the products to our customers seamlessly across the globe faster than ever before.

The new Fuji Xerox will combine two leaders with world-class technological capabilities and cultures of innovation. Together, they invest nearly one billion dollars in research and product development and will lead the evolution of our industry. They will go beyond print as we know it today and drive change in important areas like inkjet, printed electronics, and printing on three-dimensional objects. In addition, its customers can expect advancements in artificial intelligence and analysis of text, image and video, device security and intelligent workplace assistants.

For customers of our office products and managed print services, it will continue to change the way work gets done. It will transform the experience of how people work, giving them freedom to solve problems, be more productive and take on new challenges. It will give customers the technology, apps, and solutions that go beyond simplifying or automating processes and create new ways of collaborating so people can connect and work from anywhere.

For graphic communications customers, it will give them the hardware and software to maximise the value of the printed page, and bring printing beyond paper so they can grow their businesses. It will be a leading innovator of print across documents, packaging, and industrial materials. It will help customers digitise applications, add new levels of personalisation and value, and enter new markets.

They are not na"ive, they know it will take work to dissolve the joint venture partner walls and integrate as a unified one-company team. It is combining two companies with powerful resources who know hard work and passion - highly skilled and talented employees, deep intellectual property and strong track records of great products and services. It has an unusual advantage in its shared commitment to meeting the needs of its customers, and innovation being at the core of its companies.

So, as I hit the road and continue listening to customers, I want them to feel how I feel. Energised and excited by what the new Fuji Xerox will bring to them. Change is here and the new Fuji Xerox will help make it easy, elegant and possible.

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