Modern Workplace enables NTSIKA Group to control costs, increase efficiency

Pretoria, 08 Aug 2018
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The NTSIKA Group is a young and dynamic company that has attracted some of the best ICT skills in the industry to bring Industry 4.0 and digital transformation solutions to the African continent.

The group, represented by three companies each specialising in key focus areas, collaborates on a continuous basis to provide integrated solutions and services to clients in various industries and geographic markets, including:

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Solution: Modern workplace
Industry: ICT
Provider: AccTech Systems
User: NTSIKA Group

* NTSIKA Cybersecurity: IOT stealth security, digital two-factor authentication; ISO2700x real-time management framework and an early warning detection solution;
* NTSIKA IOTEC: Artificial intelligence and cognitive solutions, commercial and enterprise IOT solutions; and
* NTSIKA Yetu Fintech: Digital wallet and aggregator, including blockchain and crypto-currencies.

With a geographically dispersed workforce, and the need for effective collaboration between organisations and teams across numerous work streams, the NTSIKA Group needed to modernise its workplace to cater for a global workforce, minimise technology training time, and increase efficiency.

Leveraging productivity tools in the same way that most organisations do, doesn't mean you have efficiency and that you will achieve effective productivity. The NTSIKA Group had a vision of modernising the way it worked and creating a single platform to communicate and collaborate, which it didn't achieve. Its ultimate objective was to implement a scalable environment that enabled optimal use of available time and resources, allowed employees to focus on strategic projects, and maximised effectiveness and efficiency.

Enabling Modern Workplace for NTSIKA with the help of AccTech Systems

NTSIKA has embarked on a journey to implement a secure, cloud-based and scalable solution for streamlining productivity, and enabling:

* Flexibility: anytime and anywhere access for remote and office workers.

* Real-time and effective collaboration enablement for:
- Document, content and data management;
- Sales force automation; and
- Project and development management.

* Minimal (adverse) impact of change management
- Structured and user-friendly collaboration environment; and
- Minimal training requirements for users, ie, expediting deployment and utilisation.

Microsoft 365 was used as the platform to create Modern Workplace, with enhanced efficiencies and better collaboration. "Using chat, voice, or video capabilities has allowed easier access to colleagues, and this platform allowed us to integrate our projects and work areas in Microsoft Teams," says Theo Bensch, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer of NTSIKA.

"We now have a single environment to collaborate that is secure and visible to the right people, at the right time," says Bensch. "We also wanted to build an efficient workforce and have our people focus on the business; we found we spend a significant amount of time on internal IT systems which did not contribute to our team efficiencies. Moving to Microsoft 365 allows us to spend our time on the things that drive our business, while Acctech Systems focuses on the systems that enables us to do that."

It is a proven fact that providing employees with modern tools and flexibility results in higher engagement and productivity. When employees feel enabled to do their best work, they are engaged and satisfied. Enabling your employees in a digital and flexible workplace results in higher productivity. Users are now able to easily manage their own out of office settings via the Web interface to Exchange Online, and upgrades and new features are applied automatically with minimal intervention. "Our goal was to create an environment in which employees can enjoy secure, highly reliable platforms for exchanging ideas, having conversations, collaborating and doing their best work," says Bensch.

"Modern Workplace is a crucial step in a digital transformation journey," says Tertius Zitzke, CEO of AccTech Systems. "When employees are productive and collaborating, the business can focus on key initiatives that can help grow and sustain the business in the ever-changing world."

Modern Workplace, leveraging Microsoft 365, enables organisations to support evolving business needs, distributed teams, and an increasingly complex threat environment.

AccTech Systems

AccTech Systems a 4Sight Holding's company, is a professional services firm that partners with customers to run their enterprises efficiently and effectively through the deployment of best of breed business solutions. Since its inception in 1994, AccTech has grown to be a world leader in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and IoT.

If you are a modern business, the ripple effect of a newly implemented business solution could easily unbalance your organisation. AccTech's ability and experience to predict and manage these effects is what sets AccTech Systems apart from our industry peers.

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