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Electronic signatures empower a remote workforce.

Johannesburg, 29 Apr 2020
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Andy Papastefanou, founder of Impression Signatures
Andy Papastefanou, founder of Impression Signatures

In the long-forgotten pre-COVID world, electronic signature solutions were considered a “nice to have” by many South African businesses. Why not print and hand-deliver documents for signature? After all, this is more secure… isn’t it? In a locked-down economy, the value of innovative technology has certainly come to the fore as remote workforces endeavour to ensure it’s business as usual. This is not only convenient, but essential to survival.

With the announcement of ongoing lockdown restrictions, albeit with some slight relief as we move to level four, CIOs and business leaders are under massive pressure to ensure operational continuity. As the President urges employees to continue working from home, the biggest need is for effective solutions that can be implemented and utilised immediately, without bottlenecks or delays. With this (excuse the reference) “need for speed”, security considerations are of paramount importance – especially when it comes to signing documents remotely.

In answer to this need, the proudly South African technology provider, Impression Signatures, has developed a Web-based Electronic Signature Dashboard – offering businesses quick access to e-signatures for themselves and their customers, within the necessary legal parameters and incorporating advanced security features. The dashboard is not only fully compliant with the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, but gives users the power to brand their tool and ensure optimum productivity.

As the first African member of the global Cloud Signature Consortium, Impression’s digital and cloud signature products meet rigorous cyber security requirements and comply with the world’s most demanding electronic signature regulations. “The development of this dashboard was driven by six key elements essential to reliable e-signature/document management: confidentiality, authenticity, accountability, non-repudiation, integrity and availability,” confirms Andy Papastefanou, founder of Impression Signatures.

Whether users created the document or received it from another, it can be uploaded to the dashboard online in virtually any format (PDF, Excel, Word, Image, PowerPoint). It will automatically be converted to a PDF document, ready to sign or send for signing and track. “We focused on creating a tool that is straightforward, offers instant value and doesn’t require a user guide to operate. It is intuitive and simple, operating on a highly affordable monthly consumption model with no hidden costs,” adds Papastefanou. “Our goal is to help you get to your ‘yes’ quicker, while making the process of sending and signing documents convenient, legal and safe.”

Once the user has logged in with Active Directory details, they can track and manage the signing, sending and finalisation of documents in a simple “e-mail” environment. Conveniently, the signee doesn’t need to install any software, and will simply receive an e-mail with a secure link, allowing them to sign and return the document – immediately. Consent is ensured with Active Directory Integration.

“With no limitations to the number of signatures required, users can either send the document to all required signatories at once or set a workflow if the document must be signed in a particular order. The mobile-friendly tool is available on all Web browsers,” confirms Papastefanou.

In these uncertain times, demand for this solution has grown exponentially across the board – from banks to insurers, retailers, government organisations and hospital groups. “In today’s world, it is essential that businesses save both time and resources. When documents can be signed legally, from anywhere, within a minute or two, the productivity benefits are legion,” concludes Papastefanou. 

Impression Signatures

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