Relationships essential to recruitment

Johannesburg, 30 Oct 2007
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"Recruitment success is entirely based on relationships" - this is the opinion of Ashere-Dee Adams, Director of Tsepo Technology Consulting.

TTC has been very successful in the past year, providing specialist recruitment services of high-level IT skills to various South African government departments as well as the private sector.

"Establishing relationships are really the essence of our business, therefore no matter how busy we are; we get one chance to make a first impression. Excellence is the motto," says Adams.

She believes the problem with most recruitment agencies is that most of the time they concentrate on the all the wrong things. She also says that through experience in this business, it pays to please. When the relationship between clients and candidates are both being nurtured, that`s when we see the rewards, because clients continually come back with more business, and candidates introduce individuals in their industry to us because of their trust.

This is positive, especially with the IT skills shortage, because word of mouth recommendation keeps the resource pool full.

Adams suggests: "Why not start shaping up your business relationships with these basic ideas."

* Never let a client or candidate wait: Time is money for clients so never let the phone ring more than three rings, and re-evaluate your turn around time. The same goes for candidates; if they arrive for interviews, make sure you interview them on time and give feedback promptly because the longer they wait the more anxious they become.
* Pay attention to detail: This is the ultimate test of a really caring attitude towards a client and candidate, paying attention to detail.
* Keep those promises: This reflects accountability; even if there is nothing to report, still get back to them.
* Keep everyone, including your staff, in the know: Think what a pleasure it will be if your receptionist recognises your client`s voice or if you`re not available your clients and candidates can get assistance from your staff. You will surely be evaluated on efficiency.
* Get to your clients and candidates before they get to you: Things will sometimes go wrong but chances are they will be more understanding than angry. This creates value.

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