White paper: Why your organisation can afford workstations

Johannesburg, 26 Oct 2020
Read time 1min 00sec

For many IT executives and financial gatekeepers, the idea of buying workstations for performance-intensive applications has long seemed like overkill – or, just a pipe dream. That’s understandable, given that workstations historically carried price tags well into five digits – and sometimes higher. But today’s new generation of workstations come with price tags more reminiscent of the fully loaded PCs of 20 years ago – and with a lot more functionality and performance.

Your technical and business professionals will inevitably get their jobs done faster and will be able to tackle even more challenging – and rewarding – applications that yield even better results for the organisation.

This Dell Technologies paper looks at some of the reasons why workstations are not only a great technical fit for mission-critical workloads, but also are a great economic fit. It also provides insights into what to look for in an application- and budget-appropriate workstation platform, and suggests where to turn for your next workstation purchase.

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