Consumerisation drives innovation

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Consumers want three things from their technology: constant connectivity, mobility, and greater choice between devices. This is the view of Aongus Hegarty, president of Dell EMEA.

Hegarty was presenting at the recent Dell Technology Camp, held in London. This year's theme was 'The evolution of consumerisation'.

“The consumer market is driving a lot of innovation,” said Hegarty. “The consumers are demanding a lot from their technology.” He added that this year, there will be over a billion computing devices sold.

Technology is becoming more personal, Hegarty explained. “In the past, families would share a phone or a PC, but nowadays, each family member has their own. People are also looking to be always connected. A recent survey of users says over 73% of respondents want to have 4G as soon as possible,” he said. “All this is leading to a greater demand for mobility.”

This also extends to the workplace, Hegarty explained. Dell and Intel recently completed a survey on the evolving workplace, looking at a number of different features of how workplaces are evolving today and in the future.

“Over 60% of the workers that were surveyed indicated they want to have clear input, if not a choice, of what technology they use in their workplace and in their environment,” he said.

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