AI won't automate people out of jobs

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Tina Nunno, VP and Gartner fellow.
Tina Nunno, VP and Gartner fellow.

Although conventional wisdom says artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to automate humans out of relevance, Gartner believes conventional wisdom is completely wrong.

This is the word from Tina Nunno, VP and Gartner fellow, who said AI technology is here to help us, not replace us. "AI finds the best results under human guidance and passes them into an ecosystem. Artificial intelligence won't surprise us like a rollercoaster in the dark."

AI has been a big focus at this year's Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Cape Town, with the research and advisory firm affirming the relevance of AI in future job creation and opportunities.

Nunno commented that many people are still in the dark about how to approach AI - if you get it wrong, your ride will be a little bit terrifying.

"AI's best use today and well into the future will be to augment human capabilities. A human plus a machine is smarter than either by themselves. You don't need to spend millions to build a smart machine that can win at a game show when any 13-year-old with a smartphone can do the same thing."

During his keynote, Gartner executive VP for research Peter Sondergaard also highlighted the critical role of AI in closing the skills gap found in the pool of security talent.

"AI will be an essential defence in creating a continuously adaptive, risk and response situation. You will need AI capabilities," he said.

Sondergaard added: "10% of individuals are now using AI in the recruiting and talent management process. If you look further out, we will soon enter a time of augmentation with AI where the best capabilities of humans are combined with the best capabilities of machine learning systems, not specifically automating people out of jobs, but in enhancing human capabilities by intelligent machines and software."

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