Vivo unveils third-gen 'futuristic' smartphone

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Vivo has unveiled the Apex 2020, its latest concept smartphone.
Vivo has unveiled the Apex 2020, its latest concept smartphone.

There has been a “great” response to Vivo smartphones since the Chinese technology company entered the South African market late last year.

This is according to the company, speaking on the occasion of the global release of its latest concept phone, the Apex 2020, adding that it is excited about growing its footprint in the country.

The Apex 2020, which was due to be unveiled at the cancelled Mobile World Congress event this week, is said to be the third generation of the Vivo Apex concept smartphone series.

Concept phones are considered as the “early design phase” of the next smartphone, which may or may not make it to market.

For Vivo, its Apex series of concept smartphones are drivers of the development of its smartphones. For example, the company says its first Apex introduced the pop-up selfie cameras, while last year’s model hinted at the Nex 3’s curved glass and virtual buttons.

According to Vivo, the latest Apex promises to lead the way in phone technology for the year to come.

Commenting on the device, Harry Hong, GM of product at Vivo, says: “Apex is never a mere ‘concept’ or a glimpse of ‘imagination’. It’s a creation that goes beyond any previous experience brought by mobile technology.

“Through Apex 2020, we are proud to see Vivo’s vision come to life as a technology company that continues to push the boundaries of mobile technology and explore what lies beyond the ordinary. It also showcases our ambition to achieve our aspirations step-by-step. Vivo will continue to put Apex’s innovative technologies into practice, allowing more consumers to be empowered by such technology.”

Some of the new Apex’s features include a 48MP gimbal-like main camera, which is equipped with a 5x-7.5x continuous optical zoom, alongside autofocus, a periscope zoom, and photobomb removal.

With 6.45-inch screen, Vivo’s concept phone also features a 120° full-view edgeless display curve on both sides, voice tracking, an in-display camera and wireless super flash charge 60W, which recharges a handset with a 2000mAh battery in only 20 minutes.

To find out more about the Apex 2020, click here.

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