Recession demands dynamic thinking


Johannesburg, 29 Nov 2010
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Companies can grow in a static market, and the present market scenario often forces them to think differently and tailor their solutions to best meet their clients` requirements.

This is the opinion of Dr Madelise Grobler, managing director of Bytes People Solutions, who says a flat market does not mean zero prospects or opportunities and certainly should not mean reduced profitability.

Indeed, she says that companies are seeing the value in their suppliers turning a profit as they need them around for future support. "A static market is not always a negative for business - it can actually be very positive as it brings about innovation," Grobler explains. "In recessionary times, it is also essential not to reduce prices to get business, and thus spiral into a negative, unsustainable cycle.

"Survival and growth depend upon how creative and competitive a company`s offering is, whether product- or service-based. However, like must be compared against like. "Bytes is proof of these philosophies. We have always been innovative in order to provide a better service and remain ahead of our competitors - and we are growing."

Making it easy

Grobler cites three examples of how Bytes continues to stay a step ahead. The first is the Bytes` `training in a box`, which is a mobile unit that can be taken to a client in a specific region. Training in a box was developed specifically for Bytes` blue-chip clients and, according to Grobler, this service is "flying".

"Some of the newest technology has high specifications," she says. "Taking the technology to client operations in more remote areas for training allows them to use it before they decide to implement or migrate. This gives them a far better idea as to how they will go about it and also makes the training and assessment process so much easier. Our hosted offering is another area of innovation. This is an e-learning portal where our clients can use any of its services, whenever and wherever, without requiring additional investment in infrastructure or people - only Internet access.

"At the core of process is assessment and our clients can access these on-line, evaluate and develop training processes, among other features. An example of where this adds value is for those migrating from one software version to another. They can evaluate who needs training, splitting them into four groups, such as none, small content, a half-day intervention or a full two-day intervention. This is then aligned to the migration process, which is far more structured, successful and cost-effective."

Virtual lab

Grobler says the third example is virtualisation, and Bytes has invested in a virtual laboratory to give its clients real exposure to this environment and its multiple technology sets. This facility can be shared regionally.

"Our innovation has been crafted around seeing our clients no longer making major ad-hoc decisions. Our clients are making long-term decisions, planning better to ensure improved project outcomes." Another positive is that outcomes get clearly documented. "To support this trend, our business focus is very clear. We stay with and develop what we are good at," Grobler concludes.
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