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White paper: HPE Primera resets expectations for high-end storage

Johannesburg, 18 Oct 2019
Read time 1min 20sec

As enterprises undergo digital transformation (DX) and modernise their existing IT infrastructure, a new set of requirements for high-end storage is emerging. Today's much more dynamic business models, looking to leverage data as a strategic asset to better inform business decisions, demand an agility that is difficult to achieve with legacy storage designs – particularly with broad public cloud usage setting high expectations in this area.

Furthermore, while legacy high-end storage systems are architected with significant redundancy to minimise the impact of failures, they are unable to address problems arising outside the storage platform (which actually drive over 90% of application downtime). High data growth, combined with the hybrid cloud blueprint for data centre infrastructure, is creating significant management complexity, and it is clear that fewer and fewer organisations will be able to rely entirely on humans to ensure IT infrastructure meets service-level agreements most efficiently and cost-effectively.

This white paper discusses how market dynamics in the era of DX are driving new high-end storage platform requirements and how these newer technologies can be harnessed in high-end storage system designs to meet evolving business needs while freeing up IT resources to perform more innovative and strategic tasks. It then turns to a discussion of HPE Primera, a new class of storage that leverages these newer technologies and promises to change the definition of high-end storage for the industry.

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