Now you can work from anywhere with Nology, Yealink

Nology brings Yealink’s work-from-anywhere solution to the South African market.

Johannesburg, 20 Oct 2021
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The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to re-imagine workspaces. No more paying rent on a brick-and-mortar building housing your full team. The hybrid working environment means your staff can work from anywhere and not be confined to the office. The world is working remotely – but you can still have a productive team with Nology and Yealink.

From the first hesitant steps into this strange ‘normal’ – no noise, disruptions; isolation – the ‘work-from-anywhere’ environment now has its own demands: good online connectivity, new business systems, access to cloud-based solutions, as well as the collaboration of tools and hardware, which is key to productivity – and Nology, a leading provider of broadband, wireless, networking and VOIP solutions, has the solution.

As the SA distributor of Yealink’s work-from-anywhere solution, Nology offers local hybrid and remote workforces and digitally transformed companies the opportunity to boost productivity and facilitate work from anywhere.

Let’s talk about USB headsets and DECT wireless headsets

“The most important item for the hybrid workspace is a good quality headset. Whether you are using 3CX, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other platform, a good headset is imperative to efficient communication,” says Ross Griffiths, Product Manager at Nology.

With all-day wearing comfort and inline call control, Yealink USB Headsets and the WH6x series of DECT wireless headsets offer outstanding audio quality, along with a noise-cancelling microphone. All headset options offer flexibility and take up limited space, making for highly productive workstations.

Empowering your staff through Yealink USB Web Cameras

Daily virtual meetings need to be seamless, with clear online communication and uninterrupted sharing of information. Yealink USB Web Cameras give you optimised, high image quality meetings, integrated with Microsoft Teams.

“Although most people are happy with the webcam on their laptop, they really need a web camera for high-quality personal video conferencing,” says Griffiths. “They can then adjust the focus and lighting for low light conditions and ensure the best image quality at all times. The built-in microphone is also going to provide better audio quality and reduced noise than your standard laptop microphone.” Yealink’s USB Web Cameras include UVC20 and UVC30 personal web cameras, which all boast HD video and audio.

On the go and highly productive. Look at our BYOD range

When virtual offices become crowded or transform into huddle rooms, or when business on the go is required, the Yealink personal collaboration range brings the local workforce and companies portable HD solutions and productivity-enhancing tools. With portable speakerphones for HD voice calls, as well as state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions for home offices and boardrooms, we can guarantee your productivity.

South African businesses will have access to the complete Yealink BYOD (bring your own device) range, which offers extensive platform support for 3CX, Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx and more.

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