Google unboxes flagship Pixel 4 smartphone

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The Pixel 4 is powered by Android 10 and starts at $799 (R12 000).
The Pixel 4 is powered by Android 10 and starts at $799 (R12 000).

Google unveiled its Pixel 4 smartphone and other hardware devices at the annual Made by Google event yesterday.

The company announced the Pixel 4, which features a 5.7-inch display, and the larger 6.3-inch Pixel 4 XL, at the event in New York.

The Pixel 4 is powered by Android 10 and starts at $799 (R12 000).

“With a camera that captures detail that others can’t, a new way to use your phone without touching it, a new Google Assistant, and a fast and responsive display, Pixel 4 packs new technology into a new design,” says Brian Rakowski, Google’s VP of product management, in a blog post.

“Best of all, Pixel includes the latest version of Android, which gets better with each update.”

According to Rakowski, Pixel 4 brings Google’s largest camera upgrade yet. There are now two cameras on the back of the phone, including a new telephoto lens.

“When you combine this new hardware feature with our Super Res Zoom software, it gives you exceptional image quality – even from a distance,” he says.

Rakowski notes that thanks to a deeper integration into Pixel 4, the Google Assistant is now a faster way to get more things done.

“Breakthroughs in speech processing mean that more requests can happen right on your phone, without always sending your request to the cloud,” he says.

“We redesigned the Assistant so it doesn’t take up too much room on your screen, letting you better multi-task across other apps. It can quickly open apps, search your phone, share what's on your screen, and more.

“It also considers the context of your query to do a better job answering. For example, you can ask the Assistant to ‘show my photos from New York’ and then say ‘the ones in Central Park’. Then, you can share a picture by saying ‘send it to mom’. We’ll continue improving the technology that powers the new Assistant over time.”

Google notes Pixel 4’s Motion Sense feature uses a miniature radar sensor to detect movement around the phone.

“It can sense when you’re reaching for the phone and will initiate face unlock, or turn off your screen when you’re not around,” says Rakowski.

“New Quick Gestures let you skip songs when you don’t want to pick up your phone. Just wave your hand to snooze alarms, dismiss timers, or silence your phone ringer.”

With 6GB RAM, a 90Hz display, and Pixel Neural Core, Pixel 4 is fast and powerful, the Internet search giant says.

It points out Pixel Neural Core is the engine for on-device processing, always-on computing and machine learning, meaning more tasks are done on the device for performance and privacy.

Pixel 4 also includes Google’s custom-built Titan M security chip to protect sensitive data and ensure the integrity of the operating system.

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