Headset Solutions introduces rental program

Johannesburg, 05 Dec 2019
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Headset Solutions introduces a new rental programme offering competitive rates and rent-to-own options for the headset, audio and video conferencing hardware you need.

With flexible terms of up to 36 months to pay, this in-house offer from Headset Solutions will allow you to effectively manage your cashflow.

“What makes this offering so unique is that this is an in-house service we’re launching, which means there’s less red tape and more flexibility in getting the hardware you need,” says Nielle Truter, COO – Director at Headset Solutions. “We also offer far better interest rates than you would typically get on a bank loan.”

The newly launched rental programme from Headset Solutions includes all the hardware and software one would need, with the benefit that additional hardware can be acquired with a simple addendum to the rental contract at a later stage, simplifying expansion and lowering the cashflow impact.

The Rent ME programme allows for the inclusion of software asset management solutions as well as service level agreements. This makes the overall management and maintenance of company assets more affordable, allowing companies to focus on their core business.

For more information, please e-mail info@headsetsolutions with the subject RENTME, or visit our Web site

Click here for the Rent ME programme

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