Incident Desk launches all-mobile people management solution with facial recognition

Johannesburg, 08 Jun 2022
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For years, businesses ranging from security firms, shopping centre management to cleaning services had a major problem – how to efficiently manage the ‘people’ component of services and incidents without a costly ERP or HR system.

The new, all-mobile Incident Desk People Management platform with facial recognition by Solution House Software solves this by effortlessly combining identification data on suppliers, staff, sub-contractors and even people on watchlists – for far less than the cost of traditional service management tools.

The problem

Tiaan Janse van Rensburg, Commercial Director of the Cape Town-based software as a service company, says efficient incident and service management relies on complex task and identity management protocols – previously the domain of top-heavy enterprise systems.

“A lot of small and medium companies think they’re doing an okay job of managing these inherently complex and information-intensive activities, and in a way, they’re right – throwing people at the problem is marginally better than shelling out on a pricey business system. But in no way is it better than the real thing – if only the real thing wasn’t so expensive, until now.”

An accessible solution

Fortunately, Incident Desk’s modular, no-code architecture makes for a far more accessible and easily adaptable solution that can be rolled out quickly, Janse van Rensburg explains.

“We saw an opportunity to develop a solution for the small and mid-sized enterprise market, where most of the managers and workers are mobile and a diverse set of services and incidents are being managed – from ordering uniforms to COVID-19 checks, contractor enrolment, fines and warnings,” he says.

Features and benefits

The Incident Desk People Management mobile solution consists of two modules:

  1. Facial recognition-enabled enrolment, used for capturing an individual’s personal file; and
  2. Service management, whereby incidents and service requests can be logged against an individual.

Janse van Rensburg explains the benefits at the hand of a range of scenarios.

  • A manager can check if an employee has been enrolled in the system by simply taking a photo. Incident Desk People Management will check for a facial match and provide the options to view the personal file or logging a service. (The same goes for people on watch or exception lists.)
  • If a match is not found, the manager can enrol the employee, following an easy-to-use wizard and completing a questionnaire, which varies depending on the manager’s access rights and the employee role.
  • Once enrolled, the manager can log incidents or service requests against the individual’s name from a pre-populated list, including a standard operating procedure checklist.
  • The service request will then be routed to the relevant person or department, depending on the request type and location. The user in question can respond to service requests using the smart phone app, upload documents and photos, and update the status of the request.

Janse van Rensburg says Incident Desk People Management adheres to a strict POPIA compliancy process with a stored and auditable user policy acceptance, encryption and restricted and pre-approved data sharing lists.

Complete solution 

“Incident Desk People Management presents a complete, flexible, easy-to-use-and-adopt people management solution in the incident and service management space – at an affordable price point. We expect robust uptake across a range of verticals in the SME arena as organisations seek to improve their efficiency at competitive rates.”

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