Harnessing digital transformation potential with SYSPRO 8

Johannesburg, 18 Aug 2021
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Normandy Computer Services

Normandy Computer Services is a registered SYSPRO Elite Solutions partner. Its services range from sales to design, implementation and training as well as onsite and remote support of the full SYSPRO product range.

Fact sheet
Solution: Syspro 8
Industry: IT
Provider: SYSPRO
User: Normandy Computer Services

The challenge

Normandy Computer Services was established in 1992 by founder Mandy van der Walt to sell, implement and support Impact Award, SYSPRO’s first ERP solution. Initially, Normandy Computer Services encountered the usual challenges of a start-up operation: Capital outlay, managing cashflow and growing a client base.

The solution

From the outset, SYSPRO gave Normandy Computer Services extra opportunities to build its business by providing continuous, consistent support and mentorship. This made it easier for the company to promote the solution to prospective clients as well as to solve any problems its customers experienced.

The outcome

Normandy Computer Services focuses exclusively on SYSPRO and is currently an Elite partner on the PartnerUP programme.

“With SYSPRO 8, all the digital capability is available, giving us opportunities to help our customers achieve their current and future strategic objectives. The more functionality we demonstrate to them, the more they want to do with SYSPRO,” said Van der Walt.


Van der Walt’s involvement in the manufacturing and distribution industries began more than four decades ago. After working on Stars, the base product on which Impact Award was based, she decided to go into business and set up Normandy Computer Services.

Partner at a glance

Years as a SYSPRO partner: 29 years
Key strength: Partnering with customers to ensure transfer of knowledge
Country: Africa
Industry: ERP services

“My belief in SYSPRO, its people and its products has never wavered,” she says. “From the beginning, we were encouraged to learn and develop the business. We could walk into the SYSPRO office at any time and there was always someone available to help us. The family-orientated approach gave us a true sense of belonging.

“Training and information have also always been readily available from SYSPRO, along with the necessary sales and technical support.”

Transitioning to PartnerUP

Van der Walt is positive about the PartnerUP programme, in particular, the tools available on the portal, which have strengthened Normandy Computer Services’ ability to serve its customers. “As a small business, we found the transition to the PartnerUP programme challenging initially. However, because we made the move when the programme was launched, we have seen continuous improvement and now have all the tools and templates at our fingertips,” she says.

An Elite partner, Normandy Computer Services is committed to ongoing learning and ensuring its certifications are up to date. This is a solid strength in the market as the company is able to provide its customers with realistic, accurate proposals and is confident of delivering effective, efficient implementations, on time and in budget.

In fact, Normandy Computer Services views the SYSPRO Online Learning Channel as a highlight of the PartnerUP programme. “You can search for anything and it’s there – it’s clear that a lot of work has gone into the programme,” she says. The comprehensive sales and implementation guidelines included in the PartnerUP programme have also been of major benefit to Normandy Computer Services.

“Previously, there were no formal rules,” Van der Walt says. “That wasn’t a problem, because we’ve worked on the system for so long and we have the experience. The difficulties came when we went into customers which had been supported by another company and, as a result, saw things differently. With PartnerUP, things have changed. Everyone follows the guidelines and knows how things should be done, which delivers a consistently positive experience for SYSPRO’s customers.”

Harnessing growth opportunities

By making the most of the SYSPRO Online Learning Channel and the PartnerUP programme, Normandy Computer Services has generated new business opportunities with its long-term customers as well as more recent additions to its client base.

“Our distinction in the market is that we partner with our customers to do the implementation together. By the time the implementation is complete, the customer has ownership of the system. We want our customers to be able to work on the system independently and be enthusiastic about new functionality. This approach hasn’t lost us business; on the contrary, it has opened a lot more doors for us,” Van der Walt says.

Exciting product evolution

For Normandy Computer Services, SYSPRO’s increasing use of automation and other digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IOT) and bots is fully aligned with its own passion for assisting customers with their digital transformation journeys.

“With SYSPRO 8, all this digital capability is available, giving us opportunities to help our customers achieve their current and future strategic objectives. The more functionality we demonstrate to them, the more they want to do with SYSPRO,” she says.

“Looking ahead, we want to grow our business and services offering. This includes full SYSPRO design, implementation, support and development on the core solution as well as Avanti and Espresso. We are also excited about creating apps to integrate into SYSPRO. This includes the capability to manage service departments – from the customer logging the call all the way through to invoicing the client. As a result, processes can be expedited, which is always so exciting – including real-time updates on stock/labour used, the ability to generate invoices and also scan products into the warehouse without using a full warehouse management system where one is not needed.”

Normandy Computer Services

Normandy Computer Services has been registered with SYSPRO as a value-added partner since 1992, from sale, design, implementation, training and ongoing onsite and remote support of SYSPRO and other IT services. With many years of combined SYSPRO experience, our team is proficient at tailoring SYSPRO to the client’s specific needs.

The computer industry is dynamic and we ensure that our consultants are always up to speed with SYSPRO functionality. Normandy Computer Services is part of the SYSPRO partner-up programme and we ensure that all our consultants do the certifications to ensure they are up to speed with the functionality available within the SYSPRO product.

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