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'eezigo Designed for mobility' portable and adjustable laptop stand

Durban, 29 Nov 2018
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Valfy, in partnership with Green Office, is proud to present its new flagship product, called 'eezigo Designed for mobility' laptop stand!

The emerging trend worldwide is that people are increasingly working from multiple locations, not like the good old days when we didn't have the technology to work remotely and were confined to the office environment. After much research and development, Valfy has identified all the criteria that people 'on the go' need.

The 'eezigo Designed for mobility' laptop stand is ideal for people who work on their laptops from multiple locations, be it at home, the office, coffee shops, boardrooms, airports, hotels, etc. It contains all the features that one looks for in a laptop stand: compact, portable, adjustable, attachable, detachable, foldable and with ergonomic benefits. It takes under five seconds to set up or fold away.

The directors of Valfy established the company with the aim of supporting products that are eco-friendly and involve social upliftment. The idea behind the 'eezigo Designed for mobility' laptop stand originated from the need to design a laptop stand that is manufactured using recycled plastic. Plastic pollution is currently a hot topic of conversation worldwide. For this reason, the stand was conceptualised to be manufactured using redundant printer cartridges that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

The project began over two years ago, with a basic cardboard prototype. From there, many hours were spent on industrial designs (and many iterations), followed by the mould design and finally the tooling of the mould. The stand is truly a South African product, being researched, designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Since the product has just been released, it has been manufactured using virgin plastic while tests on recycled plastic are undertaken. The release date of the recycled version is not yet set, but will be launched as soon as possible... watch this space!

Here are some of the fantastic features of this wonderful product:

* Portable, ultra-lightweight, slim and compact design, as well as easy to use.
* Two adjustable height options allow you to choose the height most suited to your needs. Low-level elevation: 10^0 and high-level elevation: 15^0.
* Heat dissipation due to the elevation of the laptop away from the working surface allows for increased airflow, thus assisting in preventing your laptop from overheating.
* Non-slip rubber pads are also supplied to prevent the laptop from sliding on smooth surfaces.
* Ergonomic benefits due to the elevated laptop screen allows for improved sitting posture and access to the keyboard for typing.
* Suitable for 11-inch to 15-inch laptops.
* Folds flat and is easily attachable and detachable. Using a hook and loop system, the stand is easily attached or removed if required. It folds flat, so it can be easily slipped into a laptop bag.

Be sure to get your hands on this fantastic product, whether it's for yourself, as a gift for a family member or friend, or branded with your company logo and sent as a corporate gift to clients, employees or company directors.

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