White paper: SD-WAN in the age of digital transformation

Achieving business agility without complicating network security.

Johannesburg, 15 Oct 2021
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Most organisation are in the midst of some form of digital transformation (DX), transforming how they bring products and services to the market – and ultimately deliver value to their customers. But DX initiatives also bring complexity for the network operations team. With business-critical services distributed across multiple clouds, this leads to potential performance issues, especially at branch locations.

Given these realties, it is no wonder that software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) technology is rapidly going mainstream. Unfortunately, SD-WAN is an example of the paradox of DX: Transformation technology can potentially move the business to the next level, but the expanded attack surface it creates can expose the organisation to significant risk. That is why SD-WAN deployment, like every other DX effort, should be accompanied by a security transformation (SX) that rethinks outdated principles, broadens protection beyond the data centre and integrates the security architecture for centralised visibility and control.

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