Cloudrise case study

Johannesburg, 18 May 2020
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Fact sheet
Solution: Netskope for IaaS
Industry: IT
Provider: Netskope
User: Cloudrise


IT and services


United States


  • Manually checking cloud configurations
  • Compliance
  • DLP


  • Meets industry and internal compliance standards
  • Securing all cloud applications


  • Netskope for IaaS
  • Continuous Security Assessment
  • Storage Scan
  • Netskope for IaaS (AWS)

Customer snapshot

Cloudrise works with customers to enhance the security and privacy safeguards of their digital assets in complex, multi-cloud environments. Providing seamless end-to-end cloud security solutions, Cloudrise offers a portfolio of cloud-focused advisory, technical consulting and managed services. These highly effective solutions ensure repeatable and measurable risk reduction while solving security issues before they become incidents.


Jason Tesarz, VP Technology at Cloudrise, understands the importance of keeping customer data safe while adhering to critical compliance regulations. “Being a small company, resources can be limited. We found ourselves having to manually check cloud configurations for our own company, as well as for our customers,” said Tesarz. The need for a solution that could automatically scan data against DLP policies was critical.

Need to eliminate manual security checks

Before implementing Netskope, Cloudrise had limited visibility into what cloud apps were being used organisation-wide and who was using them. On top of that, the security team was manually checking cloud configurations as a part of their daily workflow, causing production lags. Netskope provided Cloudrise with advanced public cloud infrastructure security solution that helped the company manage and reduce risk across its public cloud deployments. Netskope helped the company to simplify the detection, remediation of threats and misconfigurations across its clouds to help prevent data loss, stop malware and achieve regulatory compliance.

Speed to delivery and maintaining compliance

Implementing Netskope allowed Cloudrise to gain the visibility and control it needed across its multi-cloud environments to maintain best practices and standards compliance. Cloudrise was driven to choose Netskope due to support for multi-cloud environments, scanning data at rest with DLP policies and overall security controls for its cloud applications. The company now has faster turnaround of building and securing services in its cloud environments.


Netskope is the leader in cloud security. It helps the world's largest organisations take full advantage of the cloud and Web without sacrificing security. Netskope's patented Cloud XD technology eliminates blind spots by going deeper than any other security provider to quickly target and control activities across thousands of cloud services and millions of Web sites. With full control through one cloud-native interface, Netskope's customers benefit from 360-degree data protection that guards data everywhere and advanced threat protection that stops elusive attacks. Netskope calls this smart cloud security.

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