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Johannesburg, 01 Oct 2018
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This intriguing product was developed in SA, and combats some common Internet problems and poor online gaming performance, in particular.

It was remarkably easy to set up. Plug it into your Internet router using the supplied LAN cable, then connect to it via WiFi and login to activate its features at the LucidView website.

For gamers, the critical feature is Fairplay, which allows you to allocate Internet bandwidth to both wired and wireless devices on the Enforcer hub. Obviously, this doesn't automatically fix your ping and make lag magically disappear. What it does is make sure your gaming devices get enough bandwidth and don't get squeezed out by heavy downloaders and streamers on your home network.

Other features include parental controls, exclusion of sites such as YouTube, for example, or blocking certain types of content. By ticking a few boxes in the LucidView Web forms, some of the fairly complex networking functions are made simple and non-technical. To round off the package, there's easy-to-use reporting tools so you can check usage for individual devices, and much more.

Four-port LAN/WiFi router, traffic/content filtering/security, Web control panel, R990 (plus optional monthly content-filtering subscription fee).

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