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Fixed Mobile Telecoms drives its Lego Block value proposition to the market

A fresh approach to innovation and customer experience.

Johannesburg, 10 Sep 2018
CEO and founder of Fixed Mobile Telecoms, Ed Du Plessis.
CEO and founder of Fixed Mobile Telecoms, Ed Du Plessis.

Fixed Mobile Telecoms lifts the lid on its unique approach to business innovation and customer experience as it continues to disrupt the telecoms industry in a drive to create value for customers in a manner not seen before.

Fixed Mobile Telecoms is a next-generation telecoms provider founded by a group of innovative and highly experienced people.

The company's Lego Block model is based on a disruptive approach to traditional business methods, which have been more focused on driving product sales and in turn maximising profit for the service provider but not necessarily for the customer.

Fixed Mobile Telecoms' value proposition to the market is that they scrutinise customers' businesses, see where the blind spots are, and build what is needed.

CEO and founder of Fixed Mobile Telecoms, Ed Du Plessis, emphasises that the company continuously seeks disruptive pathways to customer satisfaction and better business performance for clients.

"We want to shake this industry up, so we make a point of challenging how business is currently conducted. We then approach issues in new ways, always keeping the customer front and centre of all endeavours. For example, our initial contact with customers involves our team of specialists expending a lot of time in gaining an understanding of: the client's strategic vision, their business environment, and identifying their needs and pain-points," he says.

However, he adds that if there are no blind spots, customers shouldn't be surprised to hear that they are moving in the right direction and do not need intervention.

"Customers tell us this is an incredibly refreshing approach to doing business. For Fixed Mobile Telecoms, it's quite simple - it's about getting the basics right and being disciplined in all we do. This includes detailed documentation - which ensures there is always an up-to-date network diagram, plus comprehensive proposals that outline our understanding of customer needs. The entire business relies on operations support systems/business support systems (OSS/BSS) that automate all process flows and ensures visibility into all activities, from customer relationship management (CRM), project management and billing, through to customer support."

Du Plessis notes that understanding change in customers' specific industry sectors is crucial to building the right solution for them.

"We appreciate that customers and their markets are changing all the time. This is why being flexible lies at the heart of our values. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work so, as part of our model, we have no fixed contract terms when it comes to bandwidth for access services like Internet MPLS/VPN, and Layer 2," says Du Plessis.

"I think most people would agree that passion coupled with expertise is a highly attractive proposition for any company seeking the right business partners. Organisations choosing to partner with Fixed Mobile Telecoms are in for a surprise - on all levels. Essentially, what we sell is personal relationships built on trust, expertise and a value-add experience for customers that is unparalleled in the industry," concludes Du Plessis.

Fixed Mobile Telecoms

We are a First-Tier next-generation telecoms service provider. We disrupt to create value. We set out and built a 100GB national network from day one. Apart from the flexible models we developed for the ICT reseller / integrator markets, we also have direct enterprise / corporate markets and carrier wholesale products that are attractive to the largest of ISPs. Fixed Mobile Telecoms leverages existing infrastructure in order to achieve economies of scale for our customers.

Our primary goal is to solve business problems. We sell personal relationships built on trust.

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