Optimise your Elite 3E investment with accelerated test automation

By Nadine du Toit, Chief Services & Innovation Officer, Inspired Testing

Johannesburg, 02 Mar 2022
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Nadine du Toit, Chief Services & Innovation Officer, Inspired Testing.
Nadine du Toit, Chief Services & Innovation Officer, Inspired Testing.

When it comes to your Thomson Reuters 3E deployment and migration, like everything else in the legal industry, time is money.

From a testing perspective, having best-practice testing functionality in a customised automated tool that accelerates your testing is important because it helps to reduce the time, money and resources previously required for deployment, configuration and integration tasks when it comes to 3E implementations.

Never stop testing

Procuring a work-ready-execution-ready accelerated testing tool, backed by the necessary consulting, migration and deployment skills, can transform the way a legal firm speeds up the use of test coverage for key business processes, data and integration, for both current and future 3E releases.

Since every firm has its own business rules and processes when it comes to 3E deployments, a customised testing tool with automated regression testing scripts, written specifically for the firm, can also be used to eliminate blind spots as your deployment matures, expands and migrates to new 3E versions over time.

The flexibility of a customised automation tool that accelerates your 3E testing allows for hybrid working models to close the immediate need to migrate you from enterprise to 3E in support of Elite 3E version 2.9 and 3.0. This, in turn, means that as new releases become available, they are seamlessly adopted in the automated regression testing coverage for quick and easy test coverage, without compromising what is already in place.

Protecting your 3E investment

In recent discussions with our legal customers, I asked them what their key focus areas are for 2022 when it comes to their 3E migration, deployment and business in general.

Ensuring governance and compliance, developing a digital strategy for the business, company-wide business process automation, optimising cloud strategy, security and risk management, and recruiting key technical skills were all high on their priority list, but one of the most recurring themes was protecting their IT investments now and in the future.

Technology is key to the transformation and growth potential in how the legal industry operates. With the release of 3E, legal organisations expressed the need to protect their 3E investments in part by successfully and securely deploying new software releases without the excessive integration, migration and testing cycles required.

This is where testing can play a key role, and the faster and more efficiently you can test on a regular basis by automating your regression testing scripts and customising them for your specific environment, the bigger the savings.

Call the experts

In the same way people seek legal advice from legal experts, legal firms would be well advised to seek testing advice from testing experts.

Hiring the skills needed to map out, plan, create, code and deploy an automated testing platform for 3E can be done internally, but at what cost? The same investment can be used more efficiently by calling in the experts, who have the tools and skills already in place to implement an automated testing solution quickly and efficiently.

Remember that a specialist testing tool is only a small part of the actual investment; the real cost – and time – savings come from having the right consulting, test management, specialised skills and execution teams on hand to optimise your 3E deployment. 

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