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Seven website content tips to improve performance of your Site Builder site

Johannesburg, 29 Jun 2021
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The days when start-ups and small businesses had to wait years to save enough money to develop a website are now gone. That’s because website building solutions like’s Site Builder are making it easy and affordable for companies to get a professional site from the start; priced from as little as R100 per month (website hosting and domain name registration included*).

Creating the content for your website is up to you and is easier than you think! Here are our top seven tips to help you get it right:

Top seven website content tips:

Tip 1: Mention your unique selling points first

Website visitors are on your site because they are looking for something. Did you know they spend between 10 to 20 seconds to find it? If they don’t see it, they’ll leave. What makes your business unique? Make sure you showcase your most unique selling points first. This way you can keep visitors interested for longer.

Tip 2: Write as if you are talking to your target audience

Who is your target audience? Write for them! Don’t write complicated copy. Use a conversational tone to share clear, informative information in short, easy-to-digest sentences. Leave out any industry jargon. Just be real and tell them what they want to know.

Tip 3: Use multimedia

Website content is about more than just copy. Make use of all types of media, including images, videos, infographics, vlogs, etc, to create awareness about your products and services and educate visitors about why they should pick you!

Tip 4: Use search engine optimisation (SEO)

Don’t forget to write for Google too. How? Research the keywords and phrases potential customers use to find companies like yours online and include these in relevant and appropriate ways in your headlines and body copy.

Tip 5: Include strong calls to action

What do you want a potential customer to do after reading your website copy? Call them to action! Make sure every page has at least one strong call to action like “shop now”, “sign up” or “learn more”.

Tip 6: Show don’t tell

Is your product or service the best, most affordable, fastest or most incredible in town?

That’s exactly what your competitors are advocating about themselves too. In reality, people don’t really believe bold statements like these anymore. You have to show them! Give them the facts, the backing information for all your statements and, if possible, literally show them. For example: Make a video showcasing how your “strong” product withstands X amount of force, etc.

Tip 7: Make it easy to read

Display your copy in various interesting ways. Use lists, bullets, headings and sub-headings, bold and italic fonts and different font sizes and font styles. Make sure your copy is easy on the eyes and can be read or scanned for important keywords effortlessly.

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