White paper: Cloud options for S/4HANA migrations

Johannesburg, 05 May 2020
Read time 1min 10sec

When it comes to discussing SAPS/4HANA migrations, the topic is inextricably connected to a conversation about the cloud, as this is an option for the solution. The challenge posed is that knowledge and experience is required around the S/4HANA migration and cloud infrastructure management. The scenario can be further complicated if multiple cloud platforms come into play.

Furthermore, there are different ‘cloud’ options available for S/4HANA, such as SAP’s own S/4HANA cloud version hosted in its own data centres, and then other cloud service providers that can host the application on their infrastructure. The burning question is who can successfully decipher what is best for your business, migrate and manage the risk while ensuring a ROI through business value?

Getting this right is extremely important, as selecting what type of operating model will best suit an organisation’s needs is one of the most critical decisions when planning an S/4HANA migration. This decision largely hinges off whether an enterprise is going greenfield, migrating or transforming its current SAP landscape, which S/4HANA functions it will need, and how they are going to be used.

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