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White paper: Take full advantage of your storage investment

Johannesburg, 02 Apr 2020
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For some customers, implementing and managing storage can be challenging, especially when the business is surrounded by budget constraints and resource limitations that consume and overwhelm IT.

Storage products that are designed with simplicity and ease of use as design goals can fundamentally and positively change the way IT is able to deploy, manage and support their infrastructure investment. Maintaining performance predictability, enabling ease of management and experiencing a built-in self-service and support environment are what drives the architecture of PowerVault storage.

The purpose of this white paper is to validate the PowerVault storage investment by providing insights into some of the technology features and capabilities available with the product that will help customers optimise how they configure, manage and support any PowerVault array. This white paper will outline certain technologies, integrations and serviceability features that customers may not be aware of and that will help them take full advantage of their investment for reliably running workloads critical to their business.

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