Automation is happening, just more slowly than predicted

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For many years, we’ve heard that automation is coming, and how it will have a profound and lasting impact on the way we work.

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However, while robots are already intrenched in many industries, from retail and healthcare, to manufacturing and construction, the widespread adoption of automation isn’t happening as rapidly as predicted.

The benefits of automation are many. It can make organisations far more efficient, streamline operations, and free up people to work on less mundane tasks. However, there’s a clear lack of trust in this kind of new technology among many executives, at least for now.

“Despite being in an era of rapid change, a lot of organisations are still sceptical to go the whole hog when it comes to automating their business processes,” says Marius Botha, associate director at Syke Tech, who will be speaking at the ITWeb BPM & Automation Summit 2022, happening on 29 June at The Maslow in Sandton.

His presentation, titled 'Why companies are slow to automate and why there is a need for enhanced business processes', will take an in-depth look at the reasons why heads of organisations are taking their time to introduce new technologies to enhance business processes.

“The reasons include exposure to higher risks, the need to improve business processes and infrastructure before adopting new technologies, and a lack of digital skills to ensure a smooth transition and operation of the new technologies,” Botha adds.

In addition, he will unpack how to keep business processes relevant as the business grows and market needs evolve, and how to integrate people, process and technology to achieve end-to-end digitisation.

Finally, Botha will delve into smart process automation, using RPA, AI and automation effectively, and how to harness BPM’s continual process improvement capabilities to optimise performance.

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11 Aug
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