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GDPR and SA businesses

All efforts expended on GDPR will place SA organisations in good stead for POPIA compliance, says Virtual Alliance.


Digital performance gaps impact the customer experience

When customers' digital performance suffers, business performance is impacted, resulting in loss of sales and revenue, says Riverbed.


How is SA's channel dealing with current trends and challenges?

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13 Aug

How will GDPR affect SA businesses?

Non-compliance with the GDPR might result in loss of reputation and the consequences thereof, says Dr Peter Tobin.


Vulnerable software puts healthcare records at risk

Among the OpenEMR vulnerabilities was an easy bypass of the patient portal authentication, needing only a modified URL to access confidential information.

30 Jul

What problems can machine learning solve for you?

Any company that has data and wants to find a way to make sense of it can benefit from machine learning, says DotModus' data scientist.

26 Jul

Cybercriminals weaponise PDF files

Inboxes around the world are receiving hundreds of thousands of emails carrying uniquely weaponised PDFs.

26 Jul

DDoS attacks employ new devices, methods: Kaspersky report

One of the most popular methods of monetising DDoS attacks is targeting cryptocurrency sites and exchanges, says Kaspersky Lab.

25 Jul

Chrome browser flags all sites that are 'not secure'

This is part of Google's effort to encourage site owners to adopt HTTPS, a secure encryption standard for data on the move, and build a more secure Web.


Pepper helps Nedbank lead in digital

Nedbank sees the humanoid robot as a digital ambassador that will showcase its latest technologies for clients.


How will the GDPR affect South African businesses?

The GDPR is the `gold standard' of data protection law and it will help SA interpret POPIA when it comes into effect, says Michalsons.

Jul 19, 2018

GandCrab ransomware continues to evolve

Fortinet recently discovered a new version, GandCrab 4.1, only two days after the previous version 4 was discovered

Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.