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VMware Cloud on AWS adds multi-tenancy support

VMware Cloud on AWS will for the first time support multi-tenancy, supporting customers’ multi-cloud strategies.


VMware enhances edge security

Secure Access Services Edge is a new architecture that addresses modern networking and security challenges, says VMware.


VMware's Workspace ONE boosts day-zero employee experience

The new features focus on improving engagement with employees even before their first day on the job.


VMware improves internal firewalling

NSX Distributed IDS/IPS lets firms micro-segment their networks and block internal traffic from compromised machines.


VMware, Microsoft outline new joint initiatives

Customers are looking for solutions that will help them simplify cloud operations, says VMware.


VMware COO: Security industry is broken

VMware believes its intrinsic security vision is the fix for today's broken security.


VMware enhances workload and endpoint security

VMware has unveiled a new security business unit headed up by Patrick Morley, former Carbon Black CEO.


Project Maestro relieves multi-cloud complexity for telcos

VMware brings a new approach to orchestration that is cloud-first and reduces multi-cloud complexity for telcos.


VMware accelerates adoption of Kubernetes

There is a huge demand for solutions to help customers successfully build, run and manage their applications and multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters, says VMware.

25 Oct

Swedish police given green light to use spyware

Sweden's police force will be able to use spyware on suspects' devices to intercept communications and switch on cameras and microphones.


Building a data-driven business

If data is the new oil, then grab yourself some cans before things get messy.

Oct 11, 2019

How to design and deliver world-class CX

Deepak Prabhu of Nihilent promises to deconstruct customer experience at ITWeb's CX Summit next week.

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ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.