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CIO Survey 2020: A balancing act ahead

CIOs must seize the momentum of tech's proven impact during the pandemic and balance it against the long-lasting economic effects.

16 Nov

Outsourcing espionage: A new era in cyber crime

Threat actors in dark markets are expanding their services to include cyber espionage APT attacks, says BlackBerry's research team.


Navigating today’s hybrid, multi-cloud world

Google is leading the drive towards a true multi-cloud world, says Digicloud's Sizwe Mabanga.


Assume the network is hostile and deal with it

How do you apply zero trust to cloud platform security? SailPoint's Hans-Robert Vermeulen unpacks this.


Understanding the new world of work

The pandemic highlighted that consumers want multiple channels to connect to organisations, says Brett Butler, Avaya SA.


Delivering in an ‘as a service’ world

When deciding which cloud services to offer, a good place to start is business challenge mapping, says Jason Sharp, director for cloud and hosting at First Distribution.


Deliver services, don’t worry about infrastructure

Data centres are going to be closing down and more companies will turn to private cloud to run their apps, predicts VMware's Funnell.


Accelerate your hybrid cloud journey with the right partner

Make sure you are partnering with a software-defined and hardware-agnostic company, says Trent Odgers, Cloud & Hosting manager at Veeam Software.


Who said the mainframe is dead?

Scalability, reliability, security and a long lifespan, these machines are set to be in enterprises for some time to come. The challenge is that the skills to keep them running won’t be.


Webinar: The future of cloud computing

VMware's Dave Funnell will present a keynote entitled ‘The successful cloud’ during a webinar on 10 November.


Don’t be afraid to move away from legacy applications

Native cloud apps are the way to go, says Gavin Ramsay, AWS brand manager at First Distribution.

Oct 27, 2020

Webinar: Zero trust approach to cloud security

Most cloud environments are heavily over-privileged and the attack surface is much larger than what it should be, says Hans-Robert Vermeulen, SailPoint.

Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.