Kirsten Doyle

Threat hunting will be viewed as norm

Threat hunters need strong relationships with networking, development and system administration teams to aid their endeavours, says Null Hat Security.


Security analytics must be able to serve everyone

We are measuring how helpful the analytical outcome is on an alert by alert basis, says Cisco.

15 Apr

Why passing audits won't keep you safe

Audits are typically focused around a specific scope and/or number of controls, and are not holistic, says Manny Corregedor, COO of Telspace Systems.

10 Apr

Hackers could cause disastrous total facilities wipe-out

Facilities such as power stations are a major attack vector for hackers, says DFIR Labs' Veroni-ca Schmitt.


Ransomware is not going anywhere

There has been a rise in targeted ransomware, where criminals seek out certain vulnerable organisations.


Automation to drive new skills

How your company's workforce should evolve due to automation and digital transformation.


Security in a hybrid, multicloud world

Companies are waking up to the benefits of multicloud architecture for the flexibility, scalability, and cost savings that can be realised. But a journey to a hybrid or multicloud environment isn't without its pitfalls.


ITWeb, VMware cyber security survey kicks off

Now in its second year, the survey captures input from SA's top cyber security executives.


Magento exploit endangers e-commerce sites

The attack code could be used to plant card-skimmers on sites that have not yet installed a fix.


How automation is changing CX

Human beings need to be ready to complement robots in creating better customer experiences.


No need to 're-invent the wheel' when it comes to BPM

Innovation, time to market and agility to adapt to changing environments will set organisations apart.


Happy staff key to successful robotic process automation

Keeping the workforce engaged and happy is a crucial part of deploying robotic process automation to improve customer outcomes, says UiPath.

Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.