Kirsten Doyle

Controlling user access to critical information

There are shifting definitions of identity management for enterprises that are connecting their supply chains across all possible touch points.


Using data visualisation to meet business objectives

Data visualisation clarifies factors that influence behaviour, and helps businesses understand their products and identify any shortcomings, says Pernod Ricard.

11 Dec

First threats in a post-phishing world emerge

Many e-mail clients are built right into operating systems and can facilitate lateral movement for attackers, says XM Cyber.

10 Dec

Cyber thieves employ new tricks to rob banks

The attacks, dubbed DarkVishnya, all use an unknown device directly connected to the target's local network, says Kaspersky Lab.

5 Dec

Pied Piper campaign targets food chains, suppliers

The Trojan gives threat actors complete access to the victim's machine, allowing them to steal files, credentials, collect screen grabs and access the camera and microphone.

5 Dec

Quora breach leaks data of 100m users

The Question-and-answer Web site was hacked by a malicious third party compromising user information, including encrypted passwords.

3 Dec

GRC isn't one-size-fits-all

Gary Hardy will be facilitating a workshop on 'Governance frameworks and implementation' at ITWeb's Governance, Risk and Compliance 2019 event.


Crypto-jacking is biggest security threat of 2018

Crypto-jacking was the primary threat to the security and performance of electronic devices throughout the first half of the year, says Panda Security.

3 Dec

Marriott breach affects 500m guests

With the data of approximately half a billion customers breached, this is the largest exposure of traveller data to date, says Arxan.


FNB's head of analytics: Data-driven decision-making leads to more profitability

Data analytics has moved from being reactive to being proactive, says FNB's Yudhvir Seetharam.


Seven nations accuse Google of privacy violations

Complainants allege Google employs "deceptive practices" to get users to turn on its various tracking systems.


Andre le Roux: Making a positive change

Andre le Roux, director of Enterprise Infrastructure Services at UCT, was named a finalist for IITPSA's Visionary CIO 2018.

Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.