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itrainsec debuts automated intelligence analysis training

The course aims to bridge the gap between the data-science experts and threat intelligence professionals.


Taming big data analytics

If data is key to your competitive advantage, it’s vital to understand how to harness it.


Cyber surveillance weapon used to target journalists, activists

An investigation suggests extensive abuse of the Pegasus spyware, which NSO Group insists is only meant to be used against criminals and terrorists.

16 Jul

LuminousMoth APT hits 1 500 targets in Asia

Kaspersky has seen increased activity by Chinese-speaking threat actors over the past year, and suspects this won’t be the last of LuminousMoth.

14 Jul

Kaseya was warned of security flaws years before attack

Five former employees say Kaseya leaders were warned of critical security flaws in its software.

Jun 29, 2021

SolarWind attackers target MS customers

Although the recent activity was unsuccessful for the most part, Microsoft is aware of three compromised entities to date.


Privacy is broadening to focus on trust

The  importance of data protection and regulatory compliance will  only  continue to grow in 2021, says OneTrust's privacy analyst.

Jun 14, 2021

Protecting an expanding attack surface

Cloud security is shaping up to be a major trend this year, says Crowdstrike.

Jun 9, 2021

The future of ERP

If data is an organisation’s lifeblood, then enterprise resource planning is the heart pumping it around and giving visibility across all the different business units to improve efficiency and customer service. How is this critical software class evolving?

Jun 4, 2021

Webinar: Next-gen security as a platform for MSPs

Learn about Comodo Cybersecurity patented technology, "the world’s only complete next-gen security as a platform".

Jun 2, 2021

Passwords are stuck in the past

Modern businesses still apply the patterns of yesterday to today’s threats, said Troy Hunt, founder of Have I Been Pwned in his #ITWebSS2021 keynote.


Security Summit: SolarWinds attack was an attack on trust

The hack shows we can't think of security purely through the lens of our own risk, said Orange Cyberdefense’s Charl van der Walt at the ITWeb Security Summit this morning.

Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.