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The future of ERP

If data is an organisation’s lifeblood, then enterprise resource planning is the heart pumping it around and giving visibility across all the different business units to improve efficiency and customer service. How is this critical software class evolving?


Webinar: Next-gen security as a platform for MSPs

Learn about Comodo Cybersecurity patented technology, "the world’s only complete next-gen security as a platform".


Passwords are stuck in the past

Modern businesses still apply the patterns of yesterday to today’s threats, said Troy Hunt, founder of Have I Been Pwned in his #ITWebSS2021 keynote.


Security Summit: SolarWinds attack was an attack on trust

The hack shows we can't think of security purely through the lens of our own risk, said Orange Cyberdefense’s Charl van der Walt at the ITWeb Security Summit this morning.

31 May

#ITWebSS2021: How to secure the enterprise perimeter

CSIR's Muyowa Mutemwa will share tips for securing a remote workforce, at the ITWeb Security Summit this week.


Learn about cyber ranges – flight simulators for security professionals

Cyber ranges teach security skills through experiential learning and will be the topic of a keynote at #ITWebSS2201 next week.


Can you ever be ready for a breach?

Data breach response planning is one of the topics to be discussed at the ITWeb Security Summit next week.


Cisco turns spotlight on zero trust at #ITWebSS2021

Cisco's Fady Younes will present a keynote on demystifying zero trust approach at the ITWeb Security Summit next week.


#ITWebSS2021: Assessing security risks in Africa

Chair of the African Union Cyber Security Expert Group will deliver the keynote address on day two of the ITWeb Security Summit 2021 next week.


Can legacy security systems do their job?

Chief IT security officer of Motus Group will discuss legacy systems and modern threats at the ITWeb Security Summit next week.


#ITWebSS2021: Where to draw the line between privacy and profit?

Managing risk and compliance around data privacy and protection will be in the spotlight at the ITWeb Security Summit.


#ITWebSS2021: Is POPIA more than a tick-box exercise?

Attorney Sarisha Kisten will discuss the looming POPIA compliance at ITWeb Security Summit next week.

Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.