Kirsten Doyle

TransUnion's director of analytics to share ML case study

Frans Potgieter will outline the enablers of an effective machine learning model at ITWeb AI 2019 on 20 August.


Modern customers expect extraordinary CX

Customer experience is overtaking price and product as the key brand differentiator.


Trend Micro fixes DLL hijacking vulnerability

Bad actors would have been able to to load arbitrary DLL files into the system, infecting PCs and disrupting usage.


Cyber crime syndicates are forming closer relationships

Accenture has identified new cyber crime operating models and evolving relationships in the underground economy.


Absa case study: Infrastructure requirements for AI

Absa's head of data integration will share his insights at the upcoming ITWeb Artificial Intelligence event.


Building an AI-powered organisation

Johan Steyn, portfolio lead at IQBusiness, joins other influencers who wil be speaking at the ITWeb AI 2019 event.


Review: The Great Hack - a look inside the ‘full service propaganda machine’

This Netflix documentary is meant to scare us, and it does - for good reason.


Bringing superhuman capabilities to business

Artificial intelligence is all around us, and the businesses seeking a competitive edge are already on the path of adoption. Are you?

25 Jul

Dangerous mobile surveillance tool for Android discovered

The tool has been linked to a Russian tech firm that was sanctioned for interfering with the 2016 US presidential election.


AIOps – the ‘Google Maps’ of hybrid IT environments

Imagine you had a Google Maps-type of solution for managing your end-to-end IT operations.

23 Jul

Massive government hacks hit Bulgaria, Russia

In Bulgaria, the records of five million Bulgarians from the country's tax revenue office were compromised.

Jul 19, 2019

How much data gathering is considered theft?

Companies often hide their lack of transparency in the fine print of Ts & Cs that consumer must accept to use their products.

Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.