Kirsten Doyle

Telegram DDOS attack linked to Hong Kong protests

Telegram users in the Americas and other countries experienced connection issues.


Exploit attempts against IOT devices in SA skyrocket

The attacks originated from Egypt and appear to be targeted, says Netscout.


macOS Mojave bug lets attackers bypass security features

Former National Security Agency hacker Patrick Wardle uncovers a vulnerability in macOS Mojave.


ImmuniWeb debuts free GDPR compliance test

The Web site test rapidly verifies relevant GDPR and PCI DSS requirements, checks CMS security and runs a privacy check, says ImmuniWeb.


Companies ignore endpoint security at their peril

As over 93% of attacks occur on the endpoint, it needs to be a key focus in securing business data, says Dell EMC.

29 May

Constant need for profit sees cyber security suffer

Security is hard because business is hostile to anything that does not bring profit, says the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies.


Curb machine learning expectations in security

Rather than being used in isolation, machine learning must act as another layer to boost security, says Cisco distinguished engineer TK Keanini.

28 May

Truth is a security problem, says SensePost's Van der Walt

It’s our job to ensure the appropriate security of data. Every time we fail, it’s a setback for a free and open society.

27 May

Follow tried, tested cyber security frameworks

Investments in security technologies are generally only ever made once an event has happened, says Micro Focus.


How to use security ratings to manage risk

Security ratings help organisations to focus on measurable cyber risk reduction, says BitSight.


WhatsApp users fail to update app after last week's breach

Users that do not apply the fix are the low-hanging fruit that crooks are going to go after next, says Sophos.

20 May

'No deal' Brexit puts data at risk

With the Brexit deadline looming, companies that have not moved their data centres will not have time to do so before the exit, says Unitas Global.

Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.