Kirsten Doyle
Kirsten Doyle
ITWeb contributor.

Kirsten Doyle is ITWeb contributor.

ITWeb, VMware security survey: a first in SA

A preview of the results will be revealed at the ITWeb Security Summit 2018 in May.

World expert for ITWeb Artificial Intelligence 2018

Aimee van Wynsberghe, Delft University of Technology, is one of the 25 `women in robotics you need to know about'.

Crypto-currency miners increasingly target mobile devices


Don't download from untrusted third-party marketplaces, and keep devices updated, says OpenVPN,

The changing face of cyber defence

Defence is changing, with less reliance on vendor-produced "prevention" technologies and a move to defence engineering, says NClose.

Operation Parliament targets MENA region with cyberespionage malware

13 Apr

Operation Parliament represents a new geopolitically motivated attacker that is both extremely active and highly skilled, says Kaspersky Lab.

Illumio, Qualys debut vulnerability-based micro-segmentation

The integration allows businesses to visualise vulnerabilities across data centres and clouds, says Illumio.

Insiders behind 25% of breaches

11 Apr

Healthcare fared the worst, with 35% of incidents being the result of human error and 24% of employee misuse, says Verizon.

Mobile phishing on the rise

11 Apr

Organisations that ignore mobile phishing do so at their peril, says Lookout.

How to build more secure software

By understanding the adversary, developers can help security and be a critical part of the security team, says Verizon.

Electronic handshakes as a cyber security tool

The handshake process can be used to preserve, protect and encrypt personal information to obtain compliancy, says Cyber Law Forensics.

EMEA organisations take 175 days to detect an attack

9 Apr

Over half of businesses who fell victim to an attack were successfully attacked again within a year, says Mandiant.

The art and science of infosec law compliance

Businesses need to identify how their information has value before trying to comply with information security laws, says Micahlsons.